Discovering Undermined Gems #4: @iamjadeline's Family and #motivateme Quote of the Day Challenge from @theluvbug

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"It is always good to be shaped by tragedy, and not be defined by it." -@jasonwes77

I was actually looking for some other quotes that really speak about character in adversities. However, in the end I decided to post about this quote from a very strong and powerful man I know, who is @iamjadeline's husband, my husband's elder brother. Whose quote would suit this motivation more than the man who is in the adversity himself and can still motivate us as a pastor? I think I am deeply urged in my heart to highlight this family now.

Also, if you have been following me, you may realize I have a series called Discovering the Undermined Gems where I highlight people whom may go unnoticed. Of course, I would be highlighting this family whom I am related to because they are LITERALLY gems, diamonds that birth out of so much stress and pressure. Hence, the payout of this post will be dedicated and transferred to @iamjadeline, just like what I do with every post payouts in my series.


All photos in this post are posted with permission from @iamjadeline, whom I have asked before I use this post to rally support and prayers for them.

A Brief Summary of What This Family Is Going Through

Okay, it is actually quite a long story of what this family has been going through and @iamjadeline actually posted many times about her second son, Jansen's condition on her blog to raise awareness on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). He was born with a hole in his diaphragm, resulting in an undeveloped right lung. Here is some medical information about this condition for you to get a better picture:

The wide, flat muscle that separates the chest and abdominal cavities is called the diaphragm. The diaphragm forms when a fetus is at 8 weeks’ gestation. When it does not form completely, a defect, called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), is created. This is a hole in the muscle between the chest and the abdomen. The hole allows the contents of the abdomen (stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, and kidneys) to go up into the fetal chest. The herniation of these abdominal organs into the chest occupies that space and prevents the lungs from growing to normal size. The growth of both lungs can be affected. The result of this is called pulmonary hypoplasia. While in the uterus, a fetus does not need its lungs to breathe, because the placenta performs this function. However, if the lungs are too small after the baby is born, the baby will not be able to provide itself with enough oxygen to survive. Source - The Fetal Treatment Centre

Jansen checked in the NICU right after his birth before his mom could really hold him and was on breathing support. Next, he spent another 4 months in the hospital for major procedures to be done such as repairing the hole in the diaphragm, tying up the stomach, opening up a hole in his stomach for tube-feeding. It was very nervous times for his family and even us as related aunts and uncles. With doctors and specialists' advices, it was told to @iamjadeline and family that he is to be kept away from anyone having flu and cough, as though they look mild and normal to us, it may be fatal and can put him in dangerous risks for him.

Jadeline and family did their very best to keep him alive and free from germs as much as possible. She is one meticulous woman who really would clean everything before letting Jansen touch or be in contact with. I too have learnt this part and joined in the protection effort as much as I can. All because we want to see Jansen alive and well. We make people who are sick around us to wear facial masks, make the children to sanitize their hands before they go near Jansen, as much as we can. Jansen has grown up without going anywhere except for hospital rounds till up to near 3 years old (correct me if I am wrong @iamjadeline). Before that, he was also on this breathing support machine to strengthen his lungs called the bipap machine. At 3, he was able to breathe without it, so he went bipap-free, and it was super good news to us! As a growing child, Jansen is curious about the outside world and he started to feel why the family could not really bring him out, though he is naturally a very understanding and gentle boy, but with a fighter's spirit. With better improvement each day and he started to eat with mouth more and more, @iamjadeline and @jasonwes77 took their steps of faith and started taking him out, only at times where is not much crowd and they chose the places to go carefully too.

However, on last Tuesday, Jansen started to have developed some coughing spell and he could cough up to an hour. He became tired and his breathing became difficult and fast. Jadeline's mother instinct kicked in and she was praying hard it would not be anything too serious. They went to the ER to get checked and were given antibiotics. Last Saturday, they realized the antibiotics were not helping too so they went to the ER again and got admitted.

Jansen had been motionless without much strength for days. I know @iamjadeline's heart really sunk and she had been depending on God and the wonderful communities she met on Steemit for support because at times, it could be very scary for her to even exercise faith as Jansen's condition has become worrisome. She had not been sleeping much because she felt she needed to observe Jansen's breathing. Her chatting with some of us was to relieve herself a bit too, and to get support. I cannot imagine how much she has been crying, which is only done after Jansen sleeps. However, I know she has very very strong inner strength too, as I have always seen her as a tough cookie with the bulldog kind of faith, holding on and would not let go. She would cry but she will be back on her feet. So, finally today the secretion result is out and he contracted RSV(Respiratory syncytial virus), the one they have greatly prevent him from, the one the doctors most fear he would get. It may take 2 weeks for the virus to wear off, so it means that they may not be discharged anytime soon too.

Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, or RSV, is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms. Most people recover in a week or two, but RSV can be serious, especially for infants and older adults. In fact, RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia (infection of the lungs) in children younger than 1 year of age in the United States. It is also a significant cause of respiratory illness in older adults. Source

As for @jasonwes77, he went back to church and still preached his heart out in the midst of this ordeal. He worshipped, broke down before God as real as he is, but still stood back on his feet with much support after just recovering from a whole month of recovery due to a horrible case of ankle misalignment. In all times, they never blame God or anyone. They would be praising God, still. They would be hanging on to God's promises. They would still believe.

The guys showing physical and emotional support to @jasonwes77 by praying and hugging him real tight.

He does have people who would go through life together with him, proving how he has also invested so much in theirs and many others.

The eldest son, Jayden missing his mommy and little brother so much, having to be separated into two different teams now: @iamjadeline and Jansen in the hospital, @jasonwes77 and Jayden staying home.

Our mum-in-law praying for Jansen and tried to make him smile whenever she pays a visit to the hospital.

So amazed by the bond between these two brothers. Jansen would try to interact and play with his brother whenever he visits. His soul would be uplifted and his countenance changed.

Now that is why I quoted @jasonwes77's words:

"It is always good to be shaped by tragedy, and not be defined by it."

Tragedies and adversities may hit them (or us) left and right, up and down, but it is either we let the bad situation define us and wallow ourselves in self-pity, or we let something higher to define us. In their case, God is their definition. Their belief system is the one defining them. There are unexplained scenarios in life, most definitely. Instead of sulking, let's make the best out of it. Let's go through it and be stronger. We can then boast about the strengths and not focus on just the moments we are being weak. There are always two sides of a coin for us to look at. I learn so much from this family as powerful people - people who do not let difficulties lead them here and there and reacting only to what they are in, but can decide to stand together as a family to pull through and still make strong decisions, even with tears involved. I think I must not forget to mention that even in her adversities, they would still be concerned of others, and still care or be there for others. @iamjadeline was there in my lowest time of my pregnancy even when Jansen was already with them and she had been caring for him intensively at home. They have never been overcome by their situations until they cannot stretch out to others. That's how I know they live by this quote and love fiercely. This family is still and always is finding reasons to smile even in the midst of the storm. Just their lives itself, is already very very inspiring!

Another Reason for this post, more related to Steemit...

@iamjadeline and I have unknowingly become like accountable partners to challenge each other with a post each day. This is also her source of income actually. With their current condition, it is hard for her to still post everyday like how she has committed herself to do before this. She is an amazing writer, in case if you do not know, with very outstanding life values. So, with this post, I hope to raise funds for her to cover the days she has to be staying over at the hospital and absent more from Steemit, thus it is as if this post is "written" by her. At the same time, it may relieve the family off some extra financial burdens due to this hospital stay and put smiles on their faces!!!!

Do check out @iamjadeline's latest posts on the hospital admission here:
Latest update | The day we wish it never happen

Trying to smile in the storm


Some Better News from Jade

Latest update is Jansen can at least speak a little now and also drank some soup from his grandma today! He was transferred from ER to normal pediatric ward, to acute ward and today back to the normal ward again! Rejoicing over every progress he is making, big or small!

I am aiming to raise maybe at least a week's worth of the upvotes @iamjadeline usually get by her posts approximately since she may not be able to do her usual postings for a week: $5 x 7 = $35.

This is my first time participating this challenge by @theluvbug which you can check out here. I have decided to do some motivation for myself and the family today in the midst of many things going on at the same time.

Thank you everyone for reading and also thank you in advance for your contribution. You may upvote this post, send some kind donations either to me @happycrazycon or @iamjadeline with the memo "Supporting the J's" if you want to do something for them.





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I hope many whale will look at this post as well


Yes some did drop by and I'm so flattered and touched. Thanks @yandot :)


Make note of who from your list actually cared to help :)


OK will do @justtryme90. Is there anywhere I can straight away see and list out everyone who has upvoted? Planning to make a thanking post and don't want to miss out anyone :)


you can use too


But ofcourse :)


Sir @justtryme90 i do love the way you support people, i did the best i could by resteeming this post, hopefully one nicr whale will see it and show more support.

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I recently made a post on wireless energy transmission, would love you to watch the video and see the unlimited possibilities of technology.

First of all, @happycrazycon my dear sis-in-law, thank you for doing this for the J's family. And everyone else's support are truly amazing and beyond words to express ❤ I can melt by all of the love shown here.


Aww I didn't know @happycrazycon was your sis-in-law! sending lots of love your way @iamjadeline!


Stay strong @iamjadeline.. will be praying for your son's speedy recovery..


That's the least I can do, in love for you and Jansen. Happy birthday to you, you are a living inspiration!!! Love you @iamjadeline 😍!!!

Yes @lynncoyle1, we are related!

Thanks @connie1018!

Steemiteducation supported and resteemed for more exposure!


Thank you so much @steemiteducation, we are overwhelmed by the support! :)

Whatever you both need, @iamjadeline and fam and you, let me know. I'm just a phonecall away.


You reminded me about the song, "one call away", which Levi always watches the drum covers nowadays.

I'm only one call away, I'll be there to save the day....

Haha thanks @zord189 for using all of your means to support and teaching me so many things on how to go about! :)

Yesterday, I saw somebody mention what @iamjadeline and her family are going though, and I meant to check it out, but the day (and my brain) got away from me.

Thank you for writing this post, @happycrazycon (and extra thanks to @jaynie for shouting out about it) - such a scary situation, but it's awesome to see how much support Jansen has, both in "real life" and here in cyberspace.

Instead of upvoting with my teeny, tiny VP, I tried buying a $1.11 vote from Smart Steem - in theory, it should get you twice the SBD, and a bunch of extra votes. Fingers crossed that it works (not that I have any idea how I could check if it doesn't - LOL!).

Also, sending loads and loads of love to the family, and I will be keeping Jansen in my thoughts.


Wow thanks @traciyork!!! You are superb and generous!!!! Appreciate the #steemitbloggers especially @jaynie who is really helping me in rallying support!

That was SUCH a difficult post to read @happycrazycon. As a mother I simply cannot process how hard this is for @iamjadeline and ALL close to her. It is just heart breaking!!!!! All I can say @iamjadeline, is that you are an AMAZING woman!!!!!!!!!!! Your strength is simply phenomenal!

Please know that we are ALL with you, whether near or far!

And what a beautiful gesture the creation of this post is @happycrazycon.

Love you both to bits XOXOXOXO


Thank you @jaynie. Thank you. xoxo. Being strong is the only way to show my love for them.❤


said like a TRUE mother!!! Love you hon!


Awww @Jaynie. We are so ever thankful for you, your generosity and you pulling all strings together to reach beyond what I petitioned for. Because of you, this post gained much more visibility and exposure. You are the best! What would we do without you? We love you so much, dear!!! 💞

sending you lots of strength and love for a speedy recovery!


thanking you on behalf of @iamjadeline, @claudiaz :) She would be grateful and in need of the love and strength you sent!


stay positive and see the little one happy and healthy!

I cannot imagine what you are going through, watching @iamjadeline your sister's pain @happycrazycon as she has to endure what Jansen is going through. Thanks for this post, and only too glad to do what little I can by upvoting and commenting. Strength to you all.


thank you so much @fionasfavourites. Your upvote and comment means so much. Thankful for #steemitbloggers who never hesitate at all anytime @jaynie or anyone of us rallies something. What a wonderful community we are in!


Indeed we are. Different colours and creeds, from all corners of the world who care! Proud to be a small part of it

Upvoted and resteemed! Keeping you and your family in prayers, @iamjadeline! Hugs!!!


thanks @heartscally for the hearts!!!!! :) 💕 you please get well k? Hugs!


Yes, I will soon recover!!! :)

Truly heart breaking to read. My thoughts and prayers are with this family and yourself during this very difficult time. Seeing a child that's normally so full of life seriously sick is so heart breaking and as a mother I know how truly heart wrenching it can be. Strength and blessings to you all xxx.


Yeah you surely know how it feels @jusipassetti. Thank you so much for your kind understanding and words, also for your support and kind wishes. Thankful to have your support from steemitbloggers too where Jaynie has really rallied the whole community for this little cause :)

Absolutely supporting this strong family @happycrazycon! Stay strong @iamjadeline, praying for you.
I will do the upvote once my voting power charge back to 100%, meantime will resteem this first.


Thank you my dear @roselifecoach. Would wanna meet you one day, my dear. Thanks for such a kind consideration regarding your voting power and resteeming this too! :)


Would love to meet you all too one day. I think I will transfer SBD to @iamjadeline as well, since after upvote my voting is not much anyway. Thanks again @happycrazycon.

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on your series of Discovering Undermined Gems, what a brilliantly humbling cause! Secondly, my heart goes out to you and your family, may that sweet little boy heal and find his strength! Your sister in law @iamjadeline is very blessed to have you as a gem in her life too!


Aww @sweetpea thank you for your very lovely words. I love my little series too, and being able to do it because of Steemit, it means a lot to me. thank you very much for your kind wishes too. She's my gem and I'm hers too haha. She pulled me up when I couldn't do so in my pregnancy and always being there for me speaks softly much of her heart for others too :)

Supporting and praying! Upvoted and resteemed!


Thankful for the support, prayer, upvote and resteem @michelleloh168!! :)

I cannot imagine your pain mate. Stay strong @iamjadeline.

Truly Motivational.

Upvoted and Resteemed.


Thank you for the upvote and resteem @jatinhota! :) Appreciate that alot!


Welcome Mate. As a witness and a human being, It's my duty to help at my best.

Upvoted and re-steemed.


thank you for the upvote and resteem, @amarbir :)

You are a great friend for looking out for this family!


Thank you so very much for your contributions, @hanshotfirst, your upvote, donation, resteem and words!!! You have a generous heart and I pray for that to be rewarded back to you as well! :)

My heart goes out to the family. Very glad to hear about the progress. Will continue to beg God to answer our prayers.


thank you Olivia for all the prayers and also your transfer!!! Thank you for being so supportive, sending love back to you 😘

@happycrazycon: Your family is in our thoughts, and please let @iamjadeline know that #steemitbloggers is thinking about all of you and sending our best wishes! 💙


thank you so much #steemitbloggers fambam! I will let her know @thekittygirl :) Jansen is a bit better today and @iamjadeline is a bit more relaxed today on her birthday, at least. We want to see him completely healed!

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My dear @happycrazycon I can't imagine what you all are going through but I want you to know that you all @iamjadeline's family are in my prayers, the balm of Gilead will surely heal him in Jesus name and you all will come back to testify the power of our LORD Jesus.

Be strong, it is well. Please accept this little token am sending to support you all. Love always.


Thank you so much @thelovejunkie. I got your love token and will transfer to @iamjadeline! Thanking you on her behalf :) blessings to you and husband too ya!


You are welcome dear

I hate to see innocent people especially kids suffer.. If I could take this disease away I'll take it away in heart beat


Thank you for your kind heart and support @punkey!

I am touched by the support you ladies showed for each other, @happycrazycon & @iamjadeline. Jade, glad to know that Jansen is discharged and at home now - speedy recovery.

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@happycrazycon.Thanks for supporting @iamjadeline,we love and support her all the way.

Upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you so much @kweenbrand for your support and love too! appreciate it a lot :) thanks for the upvote and resteem.

Thanks for sharing and supporting the family in this way! Praying for your family and their family that you all comfort and support each other in this hard time. Thank God for all the support from church and love from everyone around! I have resteemed and upvoted all her blogs and yours.

This post has received a 0.73 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @jaynie.


Its darkest b4 dawn....stay strong


Thank you @perennial for the encourgament and support! :)

Yooo! So emotional.
I am praying for J's family.
They deserve happy.
@happycrazycon thank you for that kind heart may God bless you!!


Thank you for the upvote and prayers @bmotives! :) Appreciate that alot! Thanks for the kind words too :)

All the support coming your way!


Thank you for the support and prayers @josephinengpy! :) Appreciate that alot!

Wow, that is really tough. I'm so sorry for your friend's child, and I hope the little guy gets feeling better soon! Thank you for bringing this to the community's attention!


Thank you very much @yekrat!!! He is improving bit by bit, if not significantly better.

My prayers to this family. Please stay strong. Let God be with you. Upvoted the post.


Thank you for the upvote and prayers @bala41288! :) Appreciate that alot!

Hoping their family remains strong,its not easy to have 1 member ill,hoping for the fast recovery of Jansen😷

  ·  3년 전

I will send more prayers to all of you, though Taoist.

The boy is in good hands and he will be alright.


Of course everything prayer is accepted @prch!!! Thank you for being so supportive and affirming too! :) see you around!

Oh @happycrazycon, what a beautiful thing you are doing! I watched first hand how this community rallied around Brian and I, so my upvote is worth 0.15 only, so Brian and I are sending you 10 sbd as well. (Or should I just send it to @iamjadeline?) Let me know what works best.

I praying that her little guys gets better! As a mom, I can't even imagine what they are all going through! Sending love to @iamjadeline and her family <3


Oh dear @lynncoyle1!! Thank you very much for you sending your kind gift over to @iamjadeline. We were equally touched by your real story with Brian and @iamjadeline and I were just talking about it. We bless Brian too and you as well as you go about relieving the burning mouth syndrome he is suffering from now.

Yeah Jansen is getting better, though still far from ideal. She sounds more relaxed today too. Thank you for your love! :)

My voting power is too low now.. will upvoate later


Thank you for such a kind consideration and support @orangila :)

Thanks for the update @happycrazycon and hi Steemians...
Let's all storm heavens together especially today being @iamjadeline's birthday and pray for Jasen's complete healing in God's time.

It "just so happened" I posted Pictorial: Wait - A Journey to Discovering the Heart of God and Jade and Jasen came to mind.

Let us all sing these songs together...

Amen. <3


amen to all of your prayers @patlu! Thank you for the reminder and prayer rally!!! Appreciate it a lot :)

Sending lots of love to you and the boys @iamjadeline, may God give you a lovely birthday surprise this year. We love you very much


Thanks for the support and prayers, @alimamasstory! :)

Get well soon

It's hard to look at the pictures and not shed a tear. One may only imagine what they're going through now.

Thanks for being by their side and letting us know @happycrazycon! Of course, I'll support them and also resteem this post in order to hopefully get even more people involved.

Thanks for having such a big heart :-)


wow what heartfelt words from you too @surfermarley :) thank you so much for having a heart to participate!

Let us all support that cause! Resteemed for more traffic I hope


Thank you for the effort in supporting her and family, @uwelang! Appreciate that :)

Take care and stay strong... my prayer to the family...


Take hold of what belongs to you, take away your health, take away everything that is yours, because GOD made you his son and with the sons of GOD no one gets

That's really heart touching post , May god success you in your work as i am lost of my father i know how its hearted..


thanks @murtaza78 :) Peace and comfort for your loss too, sorry to hear that.

My heart aches for little Jansen 😥. Stay strong @iamjadeline. Will be keeping Jansen in my prayers. Lots of love and take care.


thank you Connie for the support and prayers! :) He is getting better. Further update in #steemmamas!


thanks for the support @cikxaijen :)

I love it that your powers are used for good. Your writing compels my heart to see people individually and voice the hearts around us in my little dream to make the world a better place. Good for Jansen and his family, I am so relieved to see they are battling this as a family with such gusto. I love this. Thank you so much.


you are too kind with your words, @poodai!!! Yeah I figured since I'm on this platform to write, why not highlighting a very sacrificial and loving person that I know? She happens to be my sister-in-law. She lives a very crazy but inspiring life. I too am glad to see how Steemit has made this possible. Let's spread kindness.

You are a super awesome sister-in-law and sister in Christ for Jadeline @happycrazycon , and I truly applaud you for that.
People do need to come together and be fore there one another, and I know that through trials comes triumph.
And it is true as Jason as said, adversity can shape a person when we say no to branding ourselves (from adversities).

Let us continue to fight through the storms together and support each other all the way!

upvoted and resteemed

This was such a beautiful, emotional, heart warming and uplifting post @happycrazycon. I literally felt all of these emotions while reading. It is beautiful how you are reaching out to the community for your family and also to find out that you and @iamjadeline are sisters :) I got emotional looking at the picture of her son with the breathing treatment on but yet it was heart warming to see all of the prayers and support they are getting from loved ones. It was inspiring seeing the reactions of the community giving of their time and funds to help out the J’s and to send encouragement and love to them.

You both are talented writers and I have enjoyed reading both of your content lately. I am so glad I have met the both of you through Steemmamas! 😊

I will also be sending them a donation as well as continuing to pray~ ❤️


thank you @crosheille for your very beautiful and kind words. It is also my pleasure and Jadeline's to meet you through #steemmamas. Yeah I too am very touched by the overwhelming and supportive response from the community. That's a very new and beautiful discovery for me and people have just been super generous. The amount of donations @iamjadelin has been receiving are huge and speaks so much of how Steemians are on this platform. So much hearts of gold!!!

Yeah, heart-wrenching to see Jansen's breathing machine to support his lungs. There are moments in the day when he is off them, like sending his dad and brother off at the elevator etc. He has been traumatized with the suction procedure to suck out phlegm from his lungs which is done 4 times a day. Jade says he even gets nightmares of it. Perhaps you and I can pray specifically on that, since we are believers of the same faith???

Thank you so much again, for your upvote, resteem and donations!


You are very welcome! I am so glad you all are getting so much support.

I can’t imagine how terrified he is of that suction. I will absolutely join you in prayer about that. ❤️ I am glad to see and hear he is doing better~

  ·  3년 전

one of my cousin had this and he died because of this so this makes me sad seeing people suffer from this :( i hope the whales sees this and upvotes it and i am very new to steem so idk if myupvote will make any effect but i will resteem this post to my 100 followers hoping they see it and upvotes this post!


Sorry for the loss of your cousin, @prfm!! The support and prayers have been working for Jansen I think. He is much better and active now, eating and can smile though still having bouts of cough. He is progressing well.

Thanks for the support and resteem! :)

Great to promote such families and support them

  ·  3년 전

All the Best Wishes to you Lil J !!

Proud of you @happycrazycon, @iamjadeline and the Steemit community members who always show support among each other in our journey. As a mother, we always need to ensure we have a strong inner spirit to lift up our children whenever necessary.

Stay strong, and also borrowing @zord189 quote, we are always a phone call away if any help is needed.


Thank you @liewsc for the support!! Yeah it is great to be part of a supportive community with people like you :)

Get well soon little buddy.

Upvoted and resteemed. I hope you can get more support. You will be in my prayers.

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