Upfundme - crowdfund for education #92

2년 전

This is Day 92 of #upfundme Campaign (October 10, 2018)

Thanks @upfundme and Steem friends for your support.

My name is Jed Garcia from Philippines.

The reason why I started to make a fund raise campaign is because I want to continue my studies in College. I want to take BS Computer Science at Saint Joseph Institute of Technology.

The tuition fee is PHP17,000 to PHP19,000 for one semester.


I am asking for your help to raise at least 150 SBD to cover my expenses for the entire academic year which would cover all the necessary needs from my tuition fee and miscellaneous fee up until other requirements I needed.

If I reach my goal and raise 150 SBD. I think that would be a big help to me for my education.

You can also donate any amount to Paypal

All SBD that will be earned will be allocated for my education and other requirements.

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