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Welcome to a new fund for the upfundme community, steembasicincome! credit for this idea goes to rodthrower18 - you will get the first share.

As a Curator of upfundme this fund will be ran on selective days when the account has ample voting power.

All regular users from the past month will be entered into a list and will be bought as they complete.

But there is more!

I want to encourage upvoting of other peoples funds from our users - I do see users upvoting others funds sometimes, and i see some who don't.. I want to encourage more upvotes on the delegation kitten posts as well (they support us all!)

So any remaining funds at the end of the month will go to buy shares for the members who share the most of their upvotes within the community, The delegation kitten, and these posts. Extra participation and support will be rewarded. I will take into account lots of factors from vote weight, if you have delegated steem power out to others, to general participation.

So this is the list for march! Don't worry if you don't see your name on the list yet, keep participating and you will be added to Aprils fund, you may even get a bonus share this month if there is a rollover and you have been active upvoting..


Target - 20 steem
Funded -

Together we are stronger.


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You have received an upvote and resteem to help with your upfundme crowdfunding project. Thank you for using #upfundme.

Important! - please read the upfundme rules here -

You can find the value of your saved SBD by going to https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/steem-dollars. 1 SBD is currently worth more than $1 USD

Check out another project from the creators of @upfundme, you can enter to win prizes from @prizeportal. Internet Money - Real Prizes.

You have got my support. I always try to help others out. Steembasicincome will help us all.

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I was just getting ready to work the round 4 post and saw this! I love this! The framework that you have setup is pretty freakin sweet and better than anything I could've thought up. Thanks for running with the idea and making it so much better. Also thanks for making me first up. You're 100% right Together We Are Stronger!


Cheers rodthrower18:) was only fair you went first i think!

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how to perticipate?