UpVote Crowdfund - DJI Phantom 4 Pro; Raised : $70(Discussion of the day: Benefits of Busy.org)

3년 전

Recently I started making most of my posts from busy.org, and here's why:

  • Better Interface
    • Busy has a much cleaner looking interface than steemit
  • Free upvote
    • If you tag your post with busy and post it from busy.org, you will get an upvote from them
  • Better Discoveribility
    • One problem that I have with steemit is discoverability. You just can't find some good content as it gets pushed away by higher earning posts, but busy promotes discoverability with their system. They suggest posts for you, and people to follow.
  • Drafts
    • Steemit lets you save one draft while busy.org lets you save multiple drafts

Because of all that, I've switched over to busy.org for a lot of my steeming. Busy is constantly getting better as well. There are many new front ends for steemit coming out and I think busy.org might replace steemit.com as the main one. What do you think? Will you make the switch?

Goal : $1,600

Raised : $70

My goal is to crowdfund the DJI Phantom 4 pro with upvotes from steemit. If you would be kind, just leave an upvote. Every day, I'll discuss something new about the Phantom 4 pro or something that I plan to do with it until I completely fund it. Hopefully this goes well. Thank you all in advance.

Photos from busy.org.

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I stopped using busy bc I never once got the upvote from the busy bot but i do like rge interface a whole lot more.


I've been getting those upvotes. I don't get it on all the posts but I think they stop the bot every once in a while in order to let it recharge.