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“When you are going to die, a wombat is better than no company at all.”

― Roger Zelazny, Doorways in the Sand

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  1. Blüming, 18 : my huge fanbase told me there was something wrong with the site so i fixed it ... looks like the index page for the info/faq section made it to the root somehow and THEN the php script to get to the game gave an error and for some reason i havent noticed that ... AS YOU WERE, dearie ... ! the world suddenly feels smaller again today, less oxygen, my brain is ... panting ? HAaaaah ... that took some ... missing bracket, see : my thoughts are coming in from pluto, takes a while to reach its exactly like i know it and i knew it ... reality's too dense all of a sudden. Why i never should have gotten stuck back here: this place is Kryptonite to me, and its allergic to me too as much as i to it (almost literally i don't think ever had a bout of the sneezies and the swollen eyes in anywhere but belgium but its not i ve seen all countries of the world) and then ... and then ? ..... and then : ill keep the writing for the game and the rest : i dont wanna. Creation does not have an on/off switch you're talking PRODUCT-ivity ...
  2. Blüming, 18 : that girl, she says : WTF! (for real but not in english) - YOU CANT WRITE THAT , so i get ready to delete it but i ask "Where is the love? My lower brain is getting lonely and left wanting for a little of that up-close stickey-ickey it can hardly member what it feels like" and she goes "Yea where the money" and me "but i thought you liked me for the who i am, so funny and considerate, and such a good listener, always there and blablabla the tale goes on" . So she was after a security blanket after all, i should have left her where the money went. Its a god' dam' shame prostitutes require condoms or life could be so easy ... i hate condoms ... its not a moral thing ... o but YOU CANT WRITE THAT (but they love that shit ... some probably think its slice of life hahah o but maybe t is , everythings coming together sometimes like a water-painting in the rain and i have always been unstuck in time ... id make a lousy witness ...)
  3. Blüming, 18 : lost night, i think it "had to" see what "ido" ... summer closing in, its starting to ease but i dont know why. Humans round the clock, interrupts galore. I fear we might near the end of the creative streak but i hope not, as the curse van drukkerland imposes itself again ... may the ones who stuck me here get the fucking corona, heal from it, then die of cancer slowly before they go totally demented... :) yes i can say that with a smile, as if i mean it, because i do. Well you dont get it, ofcourse you do , you're like "just give up and settle, live like poor people and suddenly love the place" ... i would need a lobotomy for that. I cant say anyone did anything wrong. I just hate this fucking place and even THIS is too much humans when i dont choose to be around them. Its been like that for i cant remember and shoving it up my ass has slowly made it worse and worse. Maybe, ... maybe the urban legends were attempting to re-create a situation to see if what reaction, which is a crime against privacy but i dont know and i dont care. The thing is : too many humans round the clock is too much interrupts in my already damaged maze-for-a-head and that is that. Shoulda let me do, not force me TO and then say "o but now its too late" ... may you all die of cancer ... if you had anything to do with it at all :) ? bad for the marketing huh ... mmhhh ... i dont see my future and i didnt see my money anyway, just some carrot on a stick for the very last time
  4. Blüming, 18 : i can has tweens ... "tweens" ... its a thing that makes it look like no-code in no-time as you basically dont have to do anything , "no coding skills required" , not even a basic notion of math ... pretty cool stuff ... m hm, well ... 'work' on the website is sat/sunday only the rest of spare time is client tinkering. (but theres small stuff like weeds in the garden and trimming hedges, mowing lawns, doing dishes, all that stuff YOUR daddy money does for you ... or maybe you live in a time where 'the wife' does all that, even so, i dont have one, the maid is on strike since i cant pay her and civilization killed the fairies so that milk i leave at night goes sour and i have to get the mop and vacuum cleaner myself ... small things but entropy states clearly if i dont && i cant pay anyone to do it it will catch up on me. Time not spent on doing what i do (best? i can do other stuff ... like yo momma ... i can do her real good ... O DEAR ... Marketing chan just took a shot at me ... giant hole in the desk ill better shut up ...)
  5. Blüming, 17 : client custom - i think it tried to insert something into the lucid state again, something on Java ... it still seems to be stuck on "making me" normal or something i dont know what it was set up to do but all it did was damage ... and of all things Java , lol , that's actually owned ... like megacorp can say like "o but we own java and since you programmed that" who the fuck would do that but some corporate drone ? WRONG and my head is not a place for you - i put landmines everywhere since you kept stepping on my dreams but - you just keep sending drones and triffids and if that wont work : zombies out for brains so with all those explosions its a wasteland inhere - toxic environment , thanks for that ... i find the particles and 3d stuff drawing me in i think im gonna try to fix up the map a bit like civ so you can pseudo-3d zoom in, it "should" be possible but its been like years since i did something blitting constructing the buffer in space and , i basically know less than usual about the syntax. Good thing im not selling anything however, i dont think it will be free after a while. The original intent was to have the lower wards f2p and i think i can do just that, by 2150 ... dont wait up for it. And may the lockdown last long b/c when that lifts ill be stuck forcing out the outside again ... :) yo ho lo lo
  6. Blüming, 15 : mmh well yea closer to some type of website that can open i guess - morgan crediting should now work as intended (even at zero value posts haha-lol enz) and euhm well, stuff , and the client ofcourse, which is nice cuz it seems about half or more of the manual is not included with the program but online, there's like a whole course on about everything else as well ... i dont think ill be bored soon ... i cant be sure ill stay sane ofcourse ... life is still what its was :)
  7. Blüming, 13 : no updates you'd say, however i found myself quite immersed in the new stuff around the custom client. It looks like thats really gonna work out a lot easier than i thought but now : saturday , mini game day. Switch head back to javascript. And may the lockdown last long ... saturday , minigame ... switching back to javascript after dark basic / C ... i think thats how its supposed to be, with a bit of php-sauce ... otherwise you get rusty. I have and always will be convinced that syntax is a waste of brainspace since everything evolves ,except von neumann structure ... too many specialists, no poets left. I just read : the big money, "megacorp" as i call it is getting issues ... where apple buys up a company once every two weeks, this mini-crisis (compared to what it could be if the virus were aggressive) leaves Apple and iTim wanting for talent (since, you know ... the talent went with the founders, same for microsoft) ... they're close to 'having to make up their own innovations' ... and that is superior lulz (lord-of-sales Gaben doesnt give a flying one either - they just revoked all support for macPuting - something like "we dont need you" ... and THAT ... mah frend ... is superior lulz ... mhh, yea the problem is i don't suffer from formal education, so , although i might understand what you're saying i was never brainwashed to act and speak in a certain way lest i feel guilty ... its a HUGE problem when facing normal people ... but i consider it a vantage point
  8. Blüming, 9 : opened the machine once for updating, spent about an hour getting stuff back in order just so it would start .. the usual in hell ... (i cant remember getting paid r&d money to do r&d for the press and governments btw ... sleep-deprivation is a really lousy motivator , it usually gets nothing but hostile, and a lot of pain for me, which leads to more hostile). Okay so, 1.5 hours later , i think it will be saturday demo/minigame-day, sunday goldmanmorga(steemit/hive-day) , monday website day and assuming any of those arent fucked by snood plan van drukkerland (yea, that one ... ) the other days for the actual game and the custom client which requires language(s) from scratch. Keeping busy is never my problem and i dont have to worry since i swore no more friends or relationships until im out of belgium with my money and my cats. I seem to be the only one who has had a consistent message for over 16 years now ... make that 20 ... and you owe me 30 btw ... so i dont think ill be doing r&d for free, but maybe when i feel like it. And so : we are practicing frosty : that means every sound uttered is a lose, you seem to like that. That client thing at 30 fps (i think thats what consoles did up to the last ones or maybe even the current ones but the next will run 60) seems to eat virtually no drawing 2d gfx (which is all i need for the rpg - for starters at least), thats good, now only 25 years to learn while interrupted in a hellhole i hate (keep personal out of YES I KNOW) - mhm, painkillers are such a wonderful thing, blocking that thing i can feel the exact area where it was yesterday, every mm² of it from my left to right shoulder on my back, i can feel where its located but other than slight discomfort and the feeling my muscles have been shortened somehow there's nothing close to agony, its almost not distracting for anything but the knowledge that ignoring pain usually doesnt heal the problem HAHAHAHA, L M A O, are we having fun yet, since its always positive ?
  9. Blüming, 9 : i notice an extra blade between my shoulders since exactly 3am , a clear cut snood plan van drukkerland to bounce me off of my rythm cuz des vijven moet men op en staan, it makes me very dis-agreeable and tempts me to lash out at the usual ... so i think its gonna be a whole day in bed until the next darkness and now just some messing on the webpages, the best i can muster between the white hot stabs ... they reach my brain, its more than the usual interruption ... did you think i was for some reason gonna 'flip back' into un-broken egg state after all that battery ? mm, almost 8am ... its excruciating today but i seem to have gotten some kind of limbo (o irony) - i just wonder if after that it will still work with the original steemit version heh ... thats gonna be for not today anymore.. pff minor overlappings and very likely missing sprites and keyframes, im surprised im still sitting here - mmh, and a crash during recording , ill take that as a sign then mmmh hitbox, sprites, yes k hm ... well ... no future , no life ... all the time in the world then :)

    not sure which went where already :


  10. @tyrnannoght holds:(20200510)
    • GG : 5922 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
    • UFM : 4681 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !
    • and others ofc. its like they keep growing , i find a new one almost every week from some drop? Somewhat annoying that it insists on listing all wallets even if they have zero balance. That will be massive clutter over the years (assuming it lasts for years ...)
    • CCC : i had 5443 staked last time i check but it looks like #creativecoin just took the money ... hm, from the looks of it i just noticed Neox took the money and ran too ... that's so very steemit :) ... caveat emptor, you have NO guarantee

    for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
    i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

    all images, code, programming, foul language, and about everything else copyright 2017 - 2150 alleycat.be (unless it is made available on opengameart or unless it is available on my sourceforge bit ) - trespassers in my cables will be shot, trolls will be marked ... survivors will be hung outside my window with their head on a pike on my driveway as a warning

    i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

    the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

    no salespitch

    no mediahype

    the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

    *Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
    (tyr - nan - noght)

    for more you can check out :

    pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/alleycatd0033/

    twitter : https://twitter.com/tyrnannoght

    The Youtube Channel (click)

    Facebook im not sure, it took about 8 hours before they started nagging to get my sisters panties

    any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

    any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports

    The goldmanmorgan actual website :

    The @tyrnannoght actual website (where the game will be, moving servers atm ...

    not sure how these things are supposed to work other than being able to mute but i parked one so no one steals the name like those domain-name hoggers who would extort you for 20 times the money later :

    steemit Tyrnannoght community : here

    powered by : @steembasicincome , @incinboost , @team-cn , @upfundme

    if these mentions bother you please let me know in reply to @tyrnannoght or on telegram pls , those are the only two i check atm

    #upfundme #programming #gamedev #graphics #coding #simulation #game #rpg #goldmanmorgan #nbc #income-token #design #c-squared #creativecrypto #sndbox #palnet #neoxian #marlians #art #digitalart #redlambo #team-cn #nbc #income-token #design #curie #creativecrypto #smartsteem #upmewhale #therising #tipu #postpromoter

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    thanks for the massive response

    im developing an actual game but

    it depends on no one

    you dont get a say in it

    i appreciate your support

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