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“The secret, so Shimrod knew, was never to accept the fairies’ terms, but always to close the deal on one’s own stipulations, otherwise the bargain was sure to turn sour.”

― Jack Vance, Suldrun's Garden

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  1. The Burning, 22 : brain and other pain , summertime - exTREMELY short nights ... revamping the serverside bit that sends the current mapwindow so it stays within bounds (probably not for the last time) ... explaining ? i dont do explaining, i also dont have to ... i will leave that to Kanamori-on-stage when i find her ... if the map is 1000x1000 and the clientwindow is 20x20 (and one tile represents 5km²) if you're at the left edge you can't have the clientwindow start at minus 5 because theres nothing there, dearie ... and #stuff
  2. The Burning, 21 : not much ... it woke me up at 9,10,11,12 ... and turns out another test Von drukkerland "to see what..." , so nothing much , i'll need an extra maplevel but without sleep my head won't wrap itself around camerapositions and extra planes in thirdspace (premise being somewhat that if one tile is 5km² and this hellhole social housing bit i live in is 0.25km² then i can fit this hill (i think something must have been buried here milennia ago ... the romans were here so maybe they did or older) 400 times in one tile .. like subsurface modifiers, only terrainwise , the how-and-how is on a need to know basis and i dont even know yet but thats plenty to be exploring me thinks ... by now im quite sure it wont be an rpg-maker clone ... (although i dabbled a bit with the javascript options and that thing is actually capable of pretty complex stuff but i have one interrupted head and on a good day i get about 60 minutes into it so splitting that over this, rpgmaker, C and wasm seems a bad idea) but im just trying to fit a representative tiletexture into the UI depending on spot and i fear thats it , im burning, not enough sleep i wake up with burning eyes and the inflammation(s) in neck and shoulder dont start from zero , they start from where left-off , opinions on the matter dont really change the facts ...
  3. The Burning, 21 : trying hard to figure out how studios go for years without money and then BAM put a game on the table , i think it must be like twitter and spacex did that but not sure how that actually works in the real world ... i find myself going 'huh?' too many times per minute so i think i should listen to the body lest im down for two days afterwards. positioning context menus on the 2D-'flat' depending on where the pawn/players is in 3d, and then extending it as some have deeper levels like for instance 'move' would have simple move or explore which behave differently but thats too much info already. If no one plays it it needs no explanation, if enough will play it, it will get more explanation than i could ever provide. I lurk around here and there in betweenies, if stuff like star citizen comes with a pledge and then stuff like Icarus (and maybe New World) is f2p ...? i wonder if it will still be legal to ask money for a game in 5 years lol and mostly HOWTO - get that money actually, all those people look like they were born with money, right ? but which part is smoke and mirrors ? What does it matter anyway , by 2150 ill be dead or demented :) SO ... washed-up beach is just one playtype within the game, it has some shape in my head but its gonna be a lot (of research), nobody said it was easy, but i got a zombieclicker here. You just click the zombies and they go BOOM ! ... you gonna pay me for that ? :p - JUSTK ...not ... doesnt matter since this is what im doing and its about all thats left i both can and want to do ... the rest requires money .. about every cent i couldnt make in the past 20 years ... O WAIT ... yea its time Kanamori came back, im euh ... going off-topic too much again :) I was looking into C (cuz the 'typedef' stuff and compiled basic nd what not) and then subsequently web-assembly (which looks nice but in essence is still slowed down by sandboxing and yes : if you could do all that in wasm you wouldnt really need a browser b/c you would have a standalone app - ... but it wont (i dont think it will) work out well with prefab like phaser or three.js because they all have their own routines that do the calculating. It would more like increase the speed if you just calculated all the data (vertices and whatnot) in ASM and then pushed it to standar js -Webgland ...and ...And ... that was definitely a yawn ... i KNOW its friday but ...in case anyone forgot, even before the zombie apocalypse ... theres nowhere i wanna go here, even if i had the money
  4. The Burning, 20 : after very careful consideration, sir, (i have to come to the conclusion your system sucks! where the hell did that sample come from again ??!?) no, srusly - digging i just hunch about (like is types an impact on performance etc ... but i remembered something one word 'typedef' and indeed ... im pretty much convinced the whole thing just converts to C(or ++) and compiles like that. It's too raw a type of basic i have ever seen before so my best guess now is those are all functions written in C(..++) with the bitwise and not too old for ROR and ROL , memblocks, setting separate bytes and whatnot ... certainly didnt have that in commodore or simons basic , cant remember on atari either , so i will for now, ASSUME that using custom data types will boil down to 'typedef' in C and should have no actual impact on performance ? uh ? yeas ... i DID ... other stuff at 3am depending on the state of life and readily available specimens of the female species , what kind of an inappropriate question is that ? no complaining : i practically begged to work from home, for years impossible , damage over time has brought me to this, i will never be whole again, whatever YOU want its too late , but i still feel you owe me damages for the years you cost me and the money i couldnt make , plus intrest ... let me know who and where and otherwise i probably (certainly) will not be interested in 'talking' and all that stuff i used to do ... owh , stick to the game ...yea kanamori-chan has leave today, i better stop talking before i get some kind of suits at my door again.
  5. The Burning, 20 : im gonna need the buttons anyway so daylight is about at most good for some slow blendering ... looks like vertex groups fix what i tried to do in gimp, using transparency in blender it renders with a chipped border on some displacement modifiers combined after some subsurfa modifiers AND ... instead of selecting the whole plane , apllying sub-mod and selecting the outer rims into one vertex group, and THEN applying the distortion (displacement) , otherwise it looks like a crumpled piece of paper ... gimme another 20 years and i think i might get to blender level 1 ...
  6. The Burning, 19 : i guess most of the night on headaches, abnormal heat and wondering why the up-down click was sour and as it turns out b/c a file that isnt addressed by anything i opened got set to a previous state. Like those times when i come home and it looks like someone swapped my drive for a backup from 'last time' ... iCrosoft Cloudspy service maybe ... un-huh ... one look so its a case of XOR whre it shold be OR, which leaves the question : why did it do OR or nothing all the time until now ? - (flipping back fogofwar tiles already marked free on checking playerposition - OR not XOR .. ofcourse, but it wasnt and it didnt ... its gotta be iCrosoft , who else would have the time for dastardly tricks like that?
  7. The Burning, 19 : hm ... that only took me - way too long ... im not sure how javascript handles those and i dont even know how phaser handles it , does it go over EVERY object every cycle ? its not like it doesnt work but i notice 2 fps less when context + fullscreen transparent tacmap is on, and even 1fps less when context menu is on, despite no movement in the 3d thing so it could basically do that from a standard buffer but even if it doesnt i count a measly close to 8000 polygons ... 2 lights and some sprites and a transparent overlay ... pretty much hard to believe that wont run at a constant 30fps but mwell ... i have no idea if i can 'freeze' the 3d bit to just be a screensize bitmap while other stuff is going on ... i have no idea on many things yet and even if it wont show in a turnbased thing i keep getting closer to the conviction that "this wont do for the western tunnels" (as that is a completely different type of thing BUT ... well ... dontknow, maybe its better to put the menu in 3Dspace as well im sure theres plenty of tweaks i havent seen ... but it wont turn to be unreal tournament black edition (or is that a racist game now ?) yes mwell but if i have to re-set every button in the menu every cycle before lighting up the one the mouse is over that would be more cycles in one cycles (cpu/gpu cycles im not all sure how all that works in this machine) and even now i feel i need too many xtra checks. Maybe something bitwise would be better - it really comes down to the number of instructions i cant think of anything else but it seems really fast for it to drop framerate so soon (and all that and what ... it say 7000 polygons but the map is actually 400 tiles = objects each with their own texture ... i dont really have the superstats on this thing it will be trail and orror a lot. Thats fine ... that way death can creep up on my as i grow elder a second every second but i wont notice it so bad :)
  8. The Burning, 19 : no things like onMouseOver and stuff ... no iteratechildren in spritegroup ... looping over all buttons in a menu to turn off all but the one over every single loop is obviously no-no but i noticed that even at 30fps if i move the mouse from one btn to the next without moving 'out of the menu' it doesnt reset the hit (i was hoping a pixel in between would get caught but apparently not-) so the previous button stays 'lighted' ... in the mix in the loop so thats an extra check. I can blame that on braindead and demented - i'm like not 1/1000th of Turing but i can imagine why the guy killed himself having to think like 1....+ .... 1 .... = ..... 2 , its not an action game and when the menu is open i could probably add 50 checks without losing one fps ... BUT IT BUGS ME ... and its blazing hot for some reason its like the temperature 10cm outside my skin around me is at 50 degrees ...odder things have happened, and also ... today once more shows : this is not america ...

    i guess ... i havent made the screenshotgif as im in the middle of moving things from here to there

    but ... i did get something else done halfway (inspired by soulcalibur really in a way ...)


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    • theres certainly a few more i wouldnt mind showing appreciation but for now 0/3 = 1 . I'm looking into one for mine but i have contacted the ministry of soviet culture first to see if im actually allowed to keep a dollar for myself without being a tax-terrorist under the current conditions and states and if not if maybe it would be allowed to just swap it for stuff like hosting or hardware for machines to work on. I doubt ill get the 5000 or more a month needed to just get the documents and fees to start up a registered business any time soon and i sure as hell dont need THE state to come up with another way of taking everything+1 for the umpteenth time heh ...

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    • GG : 6103 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
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    • the others are quantities not really worth mentioning
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    i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

    the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

  9. no salespitch

    no mediahype

    the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

    *Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
    (tyr - nan - noght)

    for more you can check out :

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    Facebook four or five weeks later they're 'reviewing my submission' still i dont think doucheberg likes me much

    any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

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    my dear and good friend alex

    i hope we can make it through these times

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