We Thank Mblucrypto For His Work in Haiti and Invite His Upliftnation.io to Work in Nigeria And Ghana



I just read about Uplift Nation on their website and I think I like the idea behind the project. It's a Spectacular thing that they have a mission of building a large charitable DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the EOS Blockchain. Seeing to the fact that this DAO's aim is resource raising so as to facilitate impoverished communities all over the world. The Charity program is looking at ending Suffering through funding Non-profits and give rise to sustainable tools and also resources to make communities self-reliant and become more healthier. So Uplift nation is a Charitable Fundraising DAO which is reaching out to the world by utilizing Blockchain Technology.
I appreciate this effort by the Spear header of the Uplift nation mbluecrypto for owning an orphanage in haiti and being able to raise a huge income for the orphanage so i commend him for being a man with an impeccable character.

So myself, @ackza and a few African brothers will love to reach out to him and get him to help an orphanage in Nigeria and one in Ghana so he can have 3 orphanages on his list. We hope he puts this into consideration as It would be a quick way to reach out to the less-developed communities in Africa and using Blockchain technology to limit the level of Poverty in those areas will definitely be mind-blowing.
Read more about Uplift Nation Here

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Magnificent and mind-blowing brother! @ackza