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Many at times we are tempted to believe that what we know is okay. “I’m a university graduate. I am a college professor. I’m a medical doctor. I am a this, I’m a that”. We are so comfortable with where we are and what we know. And we don’t yearn to know more. We don’t want to now more or we are too lazy to try to find out more.
Many people out there do not know anything about things outside their field. They think it’s not important because it does not concern them. In the world we live now it’s not enough to know only of science and medicine because you are a doctor, it’s not enough to only know finance because you want to be a banker. It’s not enough to only know the bible because you are a pastor. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW IS A BIG DEAL. Yes, what you don’t know is so much of a big deal. Haven’t you heard of the bank manager who got employed in that big bank because he knew current affairs? Or that manager who took a liking to his employee because they both liked a similar book? Or that pastor who was liked and respected by the youth so much because he liked sports?
Know a little about everything is one of my favourite quotes in life. Be curious. Do not always live in your comfort zone. Trust me what you think you know is nothing as compared to the knowledge in the world. A recent research showed that, it would take 1000 years to watch all the videos on YouTube. That is like 10 centuries to come and that has to do with only YouTube. So you can imagine the number of information and knowledge out there.
Yes I know, you can’t know everything under the sun. That’s impossible. You are not God. But take every little opportunity you get to learn something new. Be dynamic, let go of old believes and prejudices. Continue to abreast yourself with new information and knowledge. That would make you unique. That would make you knowledgeable and that would make you confident.
There is so much to be learned and discovered in so many areas of life that sometimes it’s overwhelming. So if you sit there and think you are okay with what you have or know trust me you will be in big trouble someday. These days it’s not surprising to realize that something that was true or in use a few years ago becomes old and archaic within a very short time. Talk about clothing, technology, devices, researches, inventions, books, music. All these things change within the shortest time to be replaced by others. It is therefore incumbent on all individuals to continuously update themselves whenever possible.
Knowledge and information is not static, it changes as time goes by. So we would all realize that some beliefs or information we believed to be true some time ago have been proven to be false. Sometimes by research, by discovery or by the mere change of time. For example, there was a time that people believed the earth was flat. And for several years’ people held on to that belief. Until it was scientifically proven otherwise. It became a misunderstanding for many years because some people felt reluctant to let go of the past information. When we happen to hold on to something so much, we tend not believe anything said against it although it may be true. There are still some people who still believe that the world is flat.

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