Steem astrology - horoscope of publications for today 1.05.18

3년 전

Tuesday, the 16th day of the Lunar calendar (GMT +3 from 8 am).

Day of harmony and balance.

Do not write about politics, scandals, emotional dramas.

Recently you came to the STEEMIT and do not know what to write about?

It's time to decide! Look around!

Go to the section tags and topics - look - what's popular, what comments, and of course that brings money.

But do not count on the manna of heaven (this applies to everyone) - The moon today does not favor financial affairs!

Raise the mood of the readers - write light, unobtrusive texts.

Well go on the topic of knitting, handicrafts.

Publish poetry.

From the board of the flying saucer, Navigator Gray.

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