Steem astrology - horoscope of publications for today 28.04.18

3년 전

Saturday, 13/14 day of the Lunar calendar (GMT +3 from 8 am).

A magnificent day, in which miraculously the instructions of the heavenly companion with the affairs of the earth are intertwined!

If you are still not out in nature / barbecue, then it's time to phone your friends and schedule such an event!

Fresh air and live communication can give you new ideas and thoughts for publications!

Speaking of thoughts - listen to your inner voice today!
The main message is to get ideas from others and trust your intuition!

If you are not assigned a barbecue, it's time to clean up.

No, do not rush to grab a mop and a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to your desktop!

The place you are creating, and the desktop of the operating system, too.

Put in order the entire environment - files, documents, folders and photos, which all week in a creative ardor turned out to be anywhere.

Sort them out, it's by the way, and it will sort your thoughts!


Well, okay - Dressing in Comfortable clothes - and on the street - a simple walk today can inspire much more than hours spent on the Internet.

In general, follow your feelings, do what you like - and ideas will necessarily grow in your head.

From the board of the flying saucer, Navigator Gray.

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