Steem astrology - horoscope of publications for today 30.04.18

3년 전

Monday, the 15/16 day of the Lunar calendar (GMT + 3 from 8 am). Full moon.

Ok, Shturman Gray came on a turn around Venus and he became like Master Yoda, but nothing, we'll fix it.
Fordewind filled the solar sail of the flying saucer and it rushes to Mars at full speed.

The reader will be inclined to emotionally perceive your texts.

So why not take advantage of this ?!

Write things that evoke feelings - literary publications, repair manuals, whatever, the main thing is a message - a call to action, motivation!

But do not overdo it - remember that from love to hate - ONE FLAG!

It's still good to write about the mysteries and mysteries of the century, news of science and technology, missing civilizations, parallel worlds.

Hmm, even the material under the NSFW stamp risk being marked.

NotShowForWife - funny ;-)

The seventh day on the space link, Navigator Gray.

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