Get $5 - $160 from Byteball Airdrop Hurry

2년 전

Based on your Steemit reputation you will get $5 - $160 from Byteball Airdrop. You can sell these bytes on bittrex or similar exchange.

Rewards based on reputation:

  • Reputation above 30: you get a $5 reward
  • Reputation above 40: you get a $10 reward
  • Reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
  • Reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
  • Reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

Follow thee simple steps to get reward:

Step 1

Download a Byteball wallet

Step 2

If you already installed your wallet, make sure you selected a single address wallet. Click

Step 3

Click the Chat-button to the bottom right. then click the Bot Store tab to the top right.

Step 4

Now Scroll down and find the bot called (Steem attestation bot) and click that.

Now it will ask you to enter the address of the wallet you want to attest. Simply click the small icon at the bottom left and choose Insert my address (Small expenses wallet) and click the send button to send it to bot.

Step 5

Now Bot will generate a Steemconnect link for you. You must Login through Steemconnect link to prove you are the owner.

If you complete all steps then you will receive your rewards instant.

Get Extra reward from me: you must use my referral link

Once you used my referral link you just have to do 2 things.

  1. resteem this post.

  2. Give your byte address or username in comment.

After checking you will get reward from me.

Reputation Required

Above 30 = 0.400 SBD
Above 40 = .80 SBD
Above 50 = 1.2 SBD
Above 60 = 2 SBD
Above 70 = 3 SBD

Thanks for reading the post enjoy your bonus.

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thanks I will join.


Someone can help up my reputation? :/ i really want join to airdrop


your account must be opened before 12th june. Don't worry there is still time to gain reputation.

  1. Buy ssp
  2. Engage with other people on steemit.
  3. Provide good content.
  4. Use bot to gain more vote.

Resteemed to over 19100 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

Send 0.200 Steem or 0.200 Steem Dollars and the URL in the memo to use the bot.
Read here how the bot from Berlin works.

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Byteball is doing a airdrop on Steemit, where you can get 10 $ - 160 $ for free. More infos here.