Poets United : Free Upvote Bot Report #6 ( Upvote Value 0.02 Sbd Free/ 0.06 Subscribers ) (Reg-Upvote-Upcom All In One Channel)

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Welcome To Free Upvote Bot Report #6

Hey all just wanted to give you the heads up what is going on lately.

As you have probably noticed already we have restructured the bot thanks to @madevi and now we have unified all the voting channels for subscribers and free votes. We hope that will be more convenient and not so confusing what to do and where to go.

We are so happy to finally have the $upcom function working perfectly :) So do not hesitate to use it. Now it is available for everyone just use the $upcom command with the appropriate comment link... The Upcom Upvote Right Now Gives around 0,05 SBD vote value. You can either use your votes for the $upcom or $upvote command so choose as you are pleased how to you your 2 votes a day...

Also we will not be using the term voting power but we will provide exact numbers of the Votes For Subscribers and Free Vote. Right now it is set up for Subscribers at 0,05 and for Free Users 0,02 . Subscribers can vote 2 times a day and free users 1 time a day.

The Bot Upvotes at 0,11 SBD only for 100SP ++ Delegators who are put in a trail for 2 posts a day.

If you want to subscribe or resubscribe for next month for the Poets United Basic Subscription Pack and get 2 votes a day at least 0,05 SBD . Send 0,7 SBD to @poetsunited official community account with memo : Subscription Fee Month Year.

Poets United Free Bot Stats :

Followers : 320

Delegations : +944 SP

Upvote Power at 100% : 0.14 SBD

Registered Users (Using The Bot) : 120

Upvotes For the Last 7 days : Voting CSI [ NA ] ( 0.00 % self, 293 upvotes, 99 accounts, last 7d )

Here are the Delegators to the Bot (Thank You All)

Delegator Amount Vesting Shares Delegation Time
enginewitty 250.024 SP 0.305 MVests 2018-05-23, 01:44
bamboosteemer Lease 150.025 SP 0.305 MVests 2018-05-23, 00:18
angelveselinov 114.589 SP 0.233 MVests 2018-05-19, 03:32
poetsunited 55.671 SP 0.081 MVests 2018-05-19, 02:31
smooth-c Lease 300.153 SP 0.610 MVests 2018-05-16, 11:16
vuds 7.261 SP 0.015 MVests 2018-05-06, 22:29
madevi 32.821 SP 0.067 MVests 2018-05-03, 00:52
cleansingpoetry 10.398 SP 0.021 MVests 2018-05-03, 00:44
cyemela 11.015 SP 0.022 MVests 2018-04-29, 23:45

Thank You All For The Great Support. We hope we give back enough love to you guys. It is awesome that Poets United are adding value to the Steemit Community. We are preparing another big hit :) Very Soon For You. So stay tuned and check the community profiles frequently.

Enjoy all right now the bot hits with 0.02 SBD for free. The cooldown 24H because the usage of the bot has gone to critical levels so we don't want subscribers to be loosing on what we promised because of the free votes.
Great things are coming soon we are thankful for the support and delegations that have been made.

We want to mention @enginewitty who Delegated 250SP and also @yanosh01 who is the creator of the bot. Please Vote For Them As Witnesses !!! HELP Poets United Witnesses!!! Right Now We have Implemented A Script for the free upvote bot if users want to use it they have first to upvote our witnesses !!! Last but not least we want to give our greatest thanks to @madevi for inventing the $upcom feature which has amazing potential. !!!

Delegate To @poetsunit bot to help Poetry on Steemit. !!!

Some News From Poets United Community:

Here is the post about the Free Upvote Bot
If you want to know more about the Subscription Pack Click Here


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