#upvoteplankton my new initiative

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Hello All,

As you may know, I am a great fan of this platform. But recently, I have come to wonder what new users are getting out of being here and how we can do more to make them stay and be engaged.

I don't really have enough Steem Power to do it all on my own. But forget all that, I will give it ago. Maybe others will join in.

This is really simple:

Plankton: if you're posting good quality posts and want recognition, use the #upvoteplankton tag

Everyone else: take a few minutes a day and see what is being posted with this tag and give out a few upvotes.

You can find the posts using the tag here:
or if you use busy

It's as simple as that!

Please resteem to spread the message



*PS, the other half told me not to swear. Had to update my post ;)
I guess that will also please @taskmaster4450

update on progress here: https://steemit.com/upvoteplankton/@kabir88/upvoteplankton-update

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Plankton unite!



You really hit me with this one as I am still a plankton since...well the beginning of my Steemit experience. Resteemed, upvoted and followed you. Great initiative! Hope some whales see it and give that #upvoteplankton a search from time to time. A whales vote may be the best kick in the butt you can have around here.


Thanks for the support!

As they say in Africa, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

Fun! Why not?! ❤


Thank you :)

All hail to the Legend.!! Upvoted, Resteemed and Followed you mate. Also used upvoteplankton tag in my first post. Hope to see good response.

#TipRequired - Just wondering how to reach 45 from 25?


Thanks dude

  1. Be a decent human being
  2. Post content that is actually interesting, informative or entertaining (avoid things people can already find on Google)
  3. Give us YOUR view on the world
  4. Engage with other people by commenting and voting on their posts.
  5. Have fun

Hope that helps!

Yeah, you got my support in this endeavor. I'll help you out, too.


Thank you, your support is appreciated.

This platform has so much potential. It's time for us to stop being short sighted and invest in the community

I have searched through so many sh*t coins. The reality is, steem is up and running, has a user base and a use case. Not many cryptocurrencies can say that


Very true! Steemit has a lot going for it, across the board. I was active on a site called Tsu back in the day, which had a similar "get paid for the content you create" mentality. They were looking for advertisers, which was ultimately what killed them. They couldn't sustain themselves. Being on the Blockchain, Steemit doesn't have those problems.

The best way to grow your account is to collaborate with others. It's something I learned at Tsu, and I've taken it with me to Steemit. The sooner users realize this, the more successful they will be.

I like it :) Have resteemed, shared in fb groups, and twitter <3 Let's make this huge!


Amazing! Thank you!!


Hope to see an upvote on my very first post using this tag. Thats True! Really a great idea.


And for those using the @steempeak interface you can use

Thought i'd throw that in there for you.


Thanks. I've never tried steempeak, is it worth the effort of logging into another interface if I am already using steemit and busy?


If you are logged into SteemConnect then you should be able to slide right into it. They don't keep any keys.

Drafts / Organizable bookmarks / Scheduling / Multiple Accounts are some of the best options. Also better looking.

Sounds great why not.


thanks, hopefully more people will join on. the more people we have, the greater this initiative will work and the barrier to entry is super low.

Resteeming and supporting.


thank you, its much appreciated

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Great idea, sometimes the simple ideas are best. :-)


I've always thought there is great beauty in simplicity :)


Thank you :)

Although the first post to use the #upvoteplankton tag was about Tron and Pornhub, 🙊

But I upvoted it anyway. I am hoping that the encouragement will get better quality posts from new users

Look at your reputation. It is already at 45!

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Thanks. Wonder what it will at the end of Saturday...

yes now i know

Great hoe just a really help a lot of newcomers like myself out this is a great idea so we all can get shown


thanks for reading and engaging, I will try my best to do updates on people using the tag and also voting on the those that use it when I get the chance to read the posts

I'm surprised that this hasn't been a thing yet until today.


when you give people a complex problem, they often try and find a complex solution, i've always been a fan of simplicity

no need to give your posting key, or join a curation trail, repost someone else's post four times and meet x rules.

hopefully people will see that and join in


It's true!

And I think planktons need to smarten up about where they can find communities and tags relevant to their struggles.

Great idea, thank you! Resteemed. 💜


Thank you for your support, specially for the resteem.

Let's share the message to all those who want to see STEEM succeed!

Great idea. This post is going to be linked in my morning post.

All smaller accounts should consider minnowsmith.party

It is a site that lets people use their CPU to mine for SBD (really mining for XMR which is converted to SBD). Doesnt net out a ton but over time, a small account can have it add up.

Minnows can do this for Planktons simply by entering the Red Fish's username.


thanks, i've not come across minnowsmith.party before, will have to check it out when I have more time

I don't really like the idea with having a special tag for people that would like an upvote. In the end of the day, everyone would like an upvote, it's not entirely fair to restrict it to people that have (a) become aware of this post or initiative, and (b) are begging for it (through using such a tag).

I was for a while trying to navigate through the "new"-feed, and later through different tags that interests me, and upvote whatever seemed upvoteworthy. Unfortunately, I don't have much time now and there are so much junk out there to sieve through ... but I believe that's the proper thing to do, everyone should spend some time doing that.


In an ideal world, yes. Everyone would check the new posts and upvote the good ones. But not many are doing that, it seems the flavour of the day is increasing rewards for oneself. But all the rewards earned will be worthless unless steem carries on growing.

So for now, giving some plankton votes to encourage them to continue participating is a worthy goal and as an investor in the platform, I want to see more users stay and even make enough to feel so excited, they tell their friends. That's how social media platforms grow.

This initiative isn't mutually exclusive to finding and curating content manually. I am still doing both

Ok let's see where this leads. The more the merrier 😎😎


To the moon, obviously ;)

Thanks for sharing this post and helping to spread the message

I'm in! A plankton posting and a plankton upvoting. :)


that's the way to do it! hopefully some minnows and dolphins will join in and give new users some encouragement.

in this time of FUD, we need to support each other

You get my support! I am a plankton and still learning the platform. Hopefully some lovely people with find value in my posts and consider upvoting me. I am going to keep posting nonetheless! #upvoteplankton


Keep posting and engaging with the community. Try and find those who share your interests and comment on their posts. Remember, comments can earn just as much, if not more than posts. Comments are also more likely to be read by the author and others who have come to read the original post.

How many plankton does it take to get to the moon?


it's all relative

plankton moon.jpg


Haha yes!

Good Idea as it seems the ones hodling the SP don't want to upvote them/us.


Yea, it's very short sighted.

Hopefully this will encourage others who get the bigger picture to start rewarding more people who are on here and create a virtuous cycle.

I have used #upvoteplankton for the first time in my latest post ... I'll tell you if I notice any more traffic @kabir88. Thank you 😊


Please do keep me posted. I hope this works 🤞


Thank you so much for visiting and upvoting my latest post @kabir88 !