Upvoter Bot Revelation

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I'm a writer. I like to make content. There are times I'll place NSFW on a post. I've come to find something interesting.

When using upvoters for @SultryPantyhose I suspected that I would be able to buy posts into trending position. Which, happens naturally when using a number of upvoters. While, it doesn't always happen. The hot tab may provide some optimization when considering using upvoters. As the post is engaged it heats up. Getting into the hot tab can extend reach.

I made an additional investment when streaming live on @DLive. My investment into upvoters provided me with a number of transfers made to my account. I even used @JerryBanfield's upvoter during the @SultryPantyhose live stream. The "UPVOTER BOT REVELATION" comes to me when results from sends were acknowledged. Therefore, let's acknowledge something. When you send STEEM or SBD to an upvoter like @Rocky1, @Upme, and @Appreciator. A series of promotional bots responds. You'll begin to notice that there are a number of bots sending promotional SBD or STEEM of 0.001 to raise awareness toward their service. WHAT'S THE REVELATION?

Sending an upvoter NSFW content resulted in; "This bot doesn't support under defined content." Which, is acceptable. When sending the NSFW link to upvoters I found my STEEM was returned. Here's where the revelation gets interesting. Even thought my STEEM was returned promotional upvoters sent me SBD. Whereas, triggering upvoters occurs dues to configuration of promotional efforts sending SBD or STEEM at 0.001 commonly to offer their services. Which, if approximately 140+ posts can be made a day. A bot that produces basic content, than offers STEEM to bots which refund, still gets the SBD from promotional bots. Which, may be troublesome to upvoters offering promotional SBD to raise awareness to their services. Let's imagine the worst case. Let's suppose a team creates a number of Steemit bot applications to swap random text and list posts as NSFW. The bots configurations go one step further. With a reserve of 100 STEEM over 5 bots resulting in 20 STEEM for upvoter sends. The bots begin to post random content, than request upvotes for USFW which result in STEEM return transfer, the five bots are engaged by promotion upvoters. Hypothetically, the "hostile bot set" (for lack of better definition) arrives at 0.005 SBD for every post made. The hostile bot set nets approximately 0.025 SBD every 5 minutes. Over 525600 in one year the hostile bot set has successfully mined promotional budgets of upvoters for 2628 in one year using this method. Which, if you're investing in an upvoter can potentially result in default of your project.


The only way to resolve this problem for upvoters offering promotional SBD or STEEM to raise awareness becomes configuration of response. Whereas, the promotional sends from bots like @bekirsolak, @anonwhale, @promotedpost, and other upvoters come with a time capsulation. The configuration for promotional awareness sends must be adjusted to prevent hostile bots that may work in this fashion to mine STEEM or SBD in a hostile fashion. While, there are no cases of suspects in consideration to a hostile vote bot set like this one. It doesn't mean it's not a good idea to configure a preventative measure to ensure upvoter app bot creators don't suffer losses of valuable promotional STEEM or SBD. The consideration for transfers can be configured to wait for a time period like five minutes. In the event the bot discovers that a refund has been made. The bot can drop the action to send STEEM or SBD rather than be tapped by a hostile bot set taking advantage of situational nuances in @Steemit technology.

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