Old Motorcycle Accident Contributing to Markelle Fultz's Shooting Struggles

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Why can't they just admit that he's NOT good! They made a BAD Draft Pick! He is what he is, n that's a juvenile mess being paid a NBA players salary who will NEVER come close to living up to the expectations of being the #1 Overall Draft Pick! I don't know why the 76ers just can't admit that they made a mistake taking him! He's taking up a roster spot from a player that actually wants to improve and maybe make something of there NBA career!

The dude was the 76ers made him the #1 over all draft pick in 2017,had some of the slickest ball handling skills and a silky smooth shot. Now some weird things are happening to him on the court, the “Phantom fight” a few days ago and now this weird free throw. People are making fun of him on social media, but I’ll say this. He hasn’t walked away, he isn’t cowering in a corner, his game is obviously broken, but he’s out on the court every game trying to work it out in front of everyone. I’m rooting for the kid.

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