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A Living Language is Urdu , estimates , nearly one million people are bidding . It is with Pakistan s official language , the status of English. Indian , spoken in parts of Bangladesh , Nepal ,the Middle East and considered .And many other countries in the world where communities are settled .

Transparent Language

Btu Urdu languages is part of the group that belongs to the Niger –Congo language family. Contact with Arabic merchants along the coast and helped spread the language of the establishment of regular trade routes .He has given him a strong Arabic influence ,as today shows many words of Arabic origin found in the Urdu language. Even “Urdu “ name “ by mean” “ Beach “which comes from the Arabic Language .

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Urdu Writing Method

Like Arabic and Persian Urdu is written from right to left .Urdu 39 main characters and 13 additional characters ,this 52 together and most of the letters in Arabic and a small amount of Persian .It almost in any other language spoken in the world , all the sounds are available .

Importance of Urdu

Urdu language is necessary for the country and developing its economy.
Do we support their national language is our responsibility that represents our identity , Our language is frank and international interactions.

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Benefits of learning Urdu

Learning Urdu, Urdu spoken language, reading and writing learning.When children are very beneficial if they learn Urdu .It promotes the talents and strengthen their role .Urdu learning is just as impotant as any other article

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Tips for learning articles - URDU

Set goals

Set clear goals for yourself. Whether they are learning 7 new words a week, give a presentation or assignment in Urdu at school next month. Goals will keep you motivated.

Grammar in Urdu

Grammar seems to be the hardest part of learning. But this is the most important part in Urdu. You can learn grammar through regular practice. Practice with some exercises, then write an article or talk and try using your new tools.

Give the hard part time

Don't waste time on things you already know just because they are easy for you. Pay attention to the part that is most difficult for you. If you don't know where your problems are, write short essays or paragraphs and ask teachers to circle the recurring mistakes. Then you can assess your concerns and act on them.

Read a little every day

Studying regularly for at least 30-60 minutes a day will help you maintain what you learn. At the beginning of each study session, review what was learned in the previous lessons.

Create study group

Create study groups, discuss difficulties with friends. Teach each other, this way you will have a grip on your imagination. Try to create worksheets for each other.

Use different learning methods

Language subjects can be learned in different ways. Such as speaking, writing, reading, or associating pictures with words. Find out which method is best for you and follow it.

Proper pronunciation

Imitate the words as closely as you can. The closer you speak to the speaker, the more you will understand. Pay close attention when a teacher gives a lecture. Observe how these words are pronounced and how they are used.

Keep journal

Use dictionaries to find out the meaning of each difficult word and write it down in your journal. Try to memorize one word a day.

Study aloud

Practicing the language harder will help you remember things more easily. Study hard.

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Urdu Earning Websites

After the highest earning Pakistani website from AdSense Best alternative of Google AdSense program.


The most visited, the most popular, with the largest category and content - the world's Urdu website. Urdu News, Urdu Poetry, Technology, Current Affairs, Literature, Cards, Sports, Books and much more;


Pakistan's most popular and leading web portal offering services and tools attracts all kinds of profiles in the world of internet, including professionals, individuals, students, cricket lovers and more.


NewsLead Online (Online Business ideas) offers the latest news and analysis from Pakistan.


Pakistan's mobile phone prices, daily updated resources for information include product reviews, feedback and forums
Some other websites are also listed below
• www.jang.com.pk
• www.olx.com.pk
• www.express.com.pk
• www.geo.tv
• www.tribune.com.pk
• www.rozee.pk
• www.hatmbile.com.pk
• www.pakwheels.com
• www.hafeezcenter.pk

Q- How can students earn with Urdu Website?

Students can earn money by using Google Adsense and published in Urdu .Now Google is allowed to Urdu language
• Publish an article on your site
• Advertise on social media
• Google, Bing , Yahoo ,etc . To get ranked in the search engines.
• You can post poetry ,news and tips and tricks

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Urdu Earning websites for students

  1. Fiverr
  2. Free Lancing
  3. Upwork
  4. Themeforest .Net
  5. People Per Hour

Read more at steem: Future of Freelancing


Fiverr have a freelancing website, Where you provide your services online and pays you for it . If you know what freelancing ,you can work (Copy Paste Work at Home) to fayyur web article and content writing site, web designing ,web duylpng and music and videos and they will pay you according to the terms and condition. You can make your job according to your skill and then you will have to login to your profile with Fiverr. Com

Free Lancing

Lyons is free to close such a website that fayyur . com.Work your site is delivered free of charge .Free-lancer clint give it to your account and then sample your work and company management will check your work.If you work meets the needs of the company , they will opportunity with the Freelancers.

Up work

Up network is an online job site for students in Pakistan LTD. Which offers entry to the platform with him.When you open up work .com front page will show you some different option to work with your school. You just have to click on this box and then read and watch the video tutorial here.Then you will learn how you can get your job that you work.

Theme forest .Net

It is an online theme website design or web design that you can say that a free hand for you to designe the page of a website. So if you know about theme designe then you thymfast up dot net has been invited to signe up with this and start their online jobs for students without investment in Pakistan.

People Per Hour

Per hour is popular online job site for students. It offers different types of work. You can log in with your account people per hour. Then you must choose the same job category you can do and how you work in the field. After this there are some terms you may have to meet completely and then you start earning it.

This online job sites for students in Pakistan in urdu. You can click on the title of each work and your online job search for students in Pakistan without any cost, how it will get details about. Moreover, if you have more ideas about online money you can share with us in the comments box below.

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