The northeast line of the three southern pig girls is very happy.

2년 전

It has been attracted by a piece of whiteness before leaving the plane.

Madeel Popsicle

There is the Songhua River along the central street. I have to say that the darkness of the northeast is really early, and it is already dark at 4 o'clock.

Playing a skateboard bench on the Songhua River, I don’t know what to call. Spend 50 yuan

The fireworks used 20 yuan, but personally feel that the fireworks sold on the Songhua River may be fake fireworks, because it will be useless at once, and it may be burning, or it may be because of the cold weather. But still took a photo of the United States and the United States

When you eat and stroll, the time will be almost the same, because the next day you have to get up early to go to Snow Valley.

Get up in the morning and go back to the room to eat breakfast. The army will pick us up and go to China Snow Valley. I started to tour with the group today. I am interested in going to see the itinerary.

China Snow Valley, we are here

You can take beautiful photos in one location

This childish and cute man in the photo is the army army

It’s full of red lanterns, and it’s already full of years.

There are snowmen everywhere.

The super fun snow circle is for the army to buy tickets.

On Christmas Eve in Xuexiang, eating a frozen pear is also safe.

Snow Valley can choose to take the carriage in the first five kilometers of Xuexiang. You can choose to take a snowmobile in the middle of five kilometers. There are also snow drift and off-road vehicles in the last five kilometers. We are three kilometers away from the top five kilometers and 2.5 kilometers in the middle. The 2.5 kilometers behind is a half-snow motorcycle. It is super exciting, but the motorbike is too anxious to give us a photo of the time, on the top of the Leyok Mountain. Don't be too beautiful, the motorcycle will climb to the top. In the last five kilometers, we chose snow drifting, and the fun is a little tired. (To choose the last step of snow drifting, wear a pair of pants that are not easy to stick to the snow.) The little tired is because the snow drifts to some relatively flat places and you have to move your feet. Of course, when crossing, it’s a little regret that the video of lying in the snow is not saved because the phone is turned off

Continue to the above picture

This is the end of the crossing drop

We just came back on Weibo and there was news of Xuexiang Zaike, but we did not meet it, still very happy. I would also like to thank ourselves for reporting a good club. They are all arranged by the army in Xuexiang. We are so distressed that we forgot to let the army give us snacks to Xuexiang, because we were a little hungry at night.

The night in Xuexiang is really like a fairy tale world, beautiful and cute.

Get off early on the fourth day and go to Jingbo Lake to watch the winter catch. It is another day on the road.

Zhubo Lake has to say that the three of us really believe in Weibo too. In order to take good-looking photos in Jingbo Lake, we have been watching photos on the Weibo Lake on Weibo. Xiaoqian also said that the models are all Wearing a sweater on it, we have to take off the coat and take pictures. Three people have been thinking about how to take off their coats for the sake of beauty, with hats, hahahahahahahaha ruthlessly laugh at themselves, wear too little clothes, warm baby stickers do not work The three are frozen in the lake, and the big army is going to go. It’s really super cold, not funny, it’s not the same as the cold in the previous place. The coldness of the lake is really biting, just like The wind passed through the bones and did not even have the courage to take pictures on the mobile phone. Fortunately, the army and the young lady of the same team gave us some pictures.

Chinese food in the vicinity of Jingbo Lake, six people, two big fish and several other meats and vegetables, each person only needs 30 yuan, big hair, and the fish is super delicious, it should be the berth Lake fish

After eating, go to Changbai Mountain Corner to stay. When we go to the place, we will take a rest and go out to eat delicious skewers. It is really delicious, rice wine is still very good. Live in a five-star hotel

But it’s good enough in Changbai Mountain, the weather is good, and the mood is good, hehe! I have to say that Changbai Mountain is also cold. We have worn a total of 7 pieces of clothes, and we have more bears than bears. But only one of them has played a role in Tianchi warm baby. The others have been covered, and we have rented a large cotton coat and knee pads. Dark secrets

Go back to the hotel and go out to eat the northeast iron pot stew, really delicious, chicken stewed mushrooms, cornmeal is also delicious, wide powder is the best.

The sixth day, skiing and going to go all the time, please ask the coach to fall, the coach is also very slippery when you bring it. Hahaha anyway, the coach is gone, it’s half slipped and then slipped, it doesn’t hurt. Fun

This day is also the last day for the army to take us. In the evening, the army will return to Harbin. We have a new team leader, God Bless, very funny, and madly telling you the tricks you have encountered in Harbin. We listen.

The last day of the club, and the last attraction - smog island

Although there is no smog formation, it is really beautiful there

When you get here, you have to say goodbye to God Bless, and the next road is for us to go.

Yuan Grandma's Rice

Extended night view

On the eighth day, I took the high-speed train to Tumen, China. I was really excited when I got here. I don’t know what the reason is. It’s really good to feel the motherland. I heard Korean in this place, and people who envy here can go to translate.

One River and Two Rivers

The whole state bibimbap is also very tasty, and the beef is delicious.

The last day was in Shenyang, I really regretted it. I didn’t do a good job in Shenyang’s strategy. I thought there was only one Forbidden City. I didn’t expect Zhongjie to be so good

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