Lake of water found on Mars; How much of life is there?

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For the first time on Mars, an underground water lake has been found. So astronomers say that there has been an increase in the possibility of life.

Research led by Italian researchers said that there is a 20 km diameter pile under the sea ice base. This research has been published in the journal Science.

This is the largest source of water found on Mars, and Alan Duffy, Assistant Professor at Swinburne University in Australia, said that the water on Mars is just drizzle.

Tue is now cool. It is dry and dry, earlier it was warm and moist. There was a large amount of water. 3.6 billion years ago there was a lake of water. This lake has been discovered with help of radar on European Space Agency's Mars Express Orbiter.
Martian lake

Earlier research showed that there was water on Mars surface, but this was the first time that solid water was found on Mars.

NASA's Curiosity Rover, which had discovered the reservoir of the reservoir, has come to the fore, that there should be water on the surface of Mars in the past.

But due to weak atmosphere, the weather in the mornings is cooler than before. As a result, the water in it is converted into ice. This new discovery has been done with the help of Mercissus.

Marsis is a radar on the journey around Mars. Roberto Orosi, professor of the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics, who led the research that is likely to be a very large reservoir, said.

Marcus has not been invented about the amount of space available on Mars. However, it is estimated that the room should be at least one meter.


This new research on Mars can definitely not be told about the possibility of life.

Dr. Manish Patel informed that this university related to the University is free. "Mars is not the right environment to go, but now our search has gone a bit further," he said.

"The new finding proves that Mars has water, but only the possibility of living there can not be concluded," he added.

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