A Reliable Online Market

3년 전

Connection matters a lot! Consider this scenario, Mr A and B are living in the same hostel, Mr A want to sale his phone as second-hand.
Mr B want to buy a second-hand phone. Mr A keep on struggling looking for a buyer likewise Mr B is seriously in need of a seller.

Due to lack of medium for connection between Mr A and Mr B, they keep on struggling. Not knowing the solution to their problem is within their vicinity.

Another scenario, Life in campus can be so though at time. Many student run out of money, so serious to the extent that getting something to eat is a big problem.

While looking for way out, some have no other means than to sell their gadgets in order to meet their needs.

This is why One Danfodiyo Student created a medium for connection between people who is in dire need of buying or selling their second-hand garget. https://usedng.comScreenshot_20170727-093242.png is created for this purpose.

It is a free social service where people who want to sell or need to swap or buy secondhand phones, Tablets, Laptops, Cars etc can easily meet each other.

Udus students can easily visit https://udusok.usedng.com to sell and buy available gadgets within Udus vicinity. Please like and share to other people.

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