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Guys i just wanted to make a quick statement regarding U.T.C sites as a whole online entity. We have many web links & places for social activities as well as much media as i can get my hands on,that you may wish to acquire. Alot of the sites have had extensive time&work done to them for your viewing delight. However i stil get alot of questions reguarding where to find our media and where to go to find them. So with that in mind id like to make it again transparent to those whom don't know.

For all of our collected media. Please follow our links to our website. And go to the "Media Vault" tab at the top of the page. Anything you can almost think of is located within that vault. Ranging from but not limited to Video,Photo,Audio,Sound effects,Documentation,Un-used Content,Misc etc etc. the list will continue but for now this is whats in store. Please have a look.

Within the forum you can further chat with members. Also you may find out wide range of roms for emulators across all the platforms. As well as custom made maps & missions.All the game saves too.

Also, with this being said. I'd like to say that with all that is there, it would be a waste of my devote time,work & resources i've put in for you guys for it to go to waste.

Please pass out our links to your gamer friends and Tenchu players.
All are welcome!


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U.T.C Admin

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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

Guys i just wanted to make a quick statement regaurding U.
It should be regarding instead of regaurding.


Lol thanx for that Grammernazi , you strapping lad you! xD