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One step at a time will get her to where she needs to be. At least that's what she thinks. Zyanya has spent the last couple of days in quite a hassle. She didn't know what drew her to this place in particular, besides the fact that has been stumbling through her teenage years looking for exactly this feeling. Knowing where to go and where to belong. The voices around her didn't percolate through the numbing mist of her thoughts and the sound cancelling, so she didn't even recognize the ascending metrolingual wave of voices that was about to break above her. But she didn't care, she didn't notice.
"Furen! You have to chere! Don't gaba n'ihu." She wasn't used to be adressed like this. That someone else told her to stop. And she didn't even know until now, that there was even the technological possibility to do so. She had been muted all day long so far. This shouldn't have been possible from the beginning. She was dragged from her cloud of self-awareness to the beauty of the unknowing reality.
It was the first time of her life, that she could lay eyes on what lay beneath her and it became clear to hear, why she had been stopped. It was just a formality but a formality nonetheless. The overwhelming grace of indigenous land didn't need any signs or landmarks to make clear where you were getting at. And she knew, why she had been waiting for this moment all of her young life. She came back to the place she has been part of all along. To one of the centers of the civilization of modern ages. And she was an immanent part of it.
She had felt the proximity of the inherited knowledge within the cities, which she has been living at, as well, but she has never been aware of the vast and gentle power that was flowing through her since the moment she became aware of where she had ended up. And she kinda felt sorry for all the people, who were bound to the cities and could never see the riches of the freedom, the freedom of not having to live under the impression of the capitalism of the old days. Even though it was long gone now and only the stones had remained.

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