Busy.org - Comment edit resize can't be enlarged

2년 전

Project Information

Expected behavior

Text box need to get bigger for easier editing

Actual behavior

You can make it smaller, but not bigger.

How to reproduce (fixed already)

  1. Go to https://busy.org/ and login to your steem account.
  2. Go to your comments section in the profile
  3. Open a comment you made, try and edit it.
  4. See (previous version, can't be reproduced anymore) how it can't be enlarged
  • Browser/App version: Firefox 60.0.1
  • Operating system: Windows 10

Recording Of The Bug


GitHub Account


This is fixed so can't be tested anymore. It was acknowledged by PO and closed when it was fixed.

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Hello @achiron,
This is a great post. It affects a great number of users who use this functionality, and the PO's were helpful enough to mitigate it quickly.
I hope you had fun reporting and watching it getting solved so quickly.

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