HapRamp v0.0.9 - Links don't load an external address, opting for internal android system address instead

2년 전

Project Information

Expected behavior

Clicking on links should open the in browser - either in-app or through an installed browser.

Actual behavior

Clicking on a hyperlink opens it in app and apparently tries to open it as if it's an android asset.

How to reproduce

Post a new blog and enter some external link using the link insert button. Publish the post, open post, and try open the external link.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click + button on bottom of screen and select "blog"
  2. Fill title and body, and add a link using the link widget
  3. In the next step pick a subject and add a tag, publish
  4. After a soft refresh open the blog you just posted
  5. Click external link you posted and witness erroneous behavior
  • Browser/App version: HapRamp v0.0.9
  • Operating system: Android 8.1.0

Recording Of The Bug


GitHub Account


Issue on github:

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