HapRamp v0.0.9 - User search won't work if the first letter is uppercase

2년 전

Project Information

Expected behavior

When searching for users, lettercase should be ignored as steem doesn't allow for uppercase usernames, and usually mobile keyboard have auto-capitalization of first letter

Actual behavior

When typing a name with the first letter being uppercase, the app loads list of steem users as they appear alphabetically in the blockchain.

How to reproduce

Use the search function, type a user name and start it with capital letter. Achiron for example.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for users
  2. Fill the user name you wish to find, make sure it is a capital letter that you start with.
  3. When the name starts with the uppercase, the app will load a list of names as they appear alphabetically

121112 24.png

  1. Change the Uppercase to lowercase and wait
  2. Search works as expected, but not withut some hassle
  • Browser/App version: HapRamp v0.0.9
  • Operating system: Android 8.1.0

Recording Of The Bug


GitHub Account


Issue on github:

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Hey @achiron,
I tested it out.
I find that It's a good QA and helps users of the app.
It's will make searching easier for every user on the app, and I see that it's already fixed as well.
You can propose solution As
Convert the searchbox input to a lowercase in the app before sending it through steem api

It's not a minor or major issue regarding the app performance. But, It's a good thing to be known about.

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