- change comment editor exit confirmation messaage "Are you sure you want to clear this form?" to "Are you sure you want to exit the comment editor?"

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I expect when canceling the edit of a comment to be asked something along the lines of "Are you sure you want to exit?" or "Are you finished editing?".
Pressing OK doesn't clear the form, it just cancels the comment editor (if you don't cancel it will stay open the next time you open that post). It's confusing the first few times, and also confusing whenever you forget to press any option and come back to that tab later. It's a weird user experience for sure.
I suggested via GitHub issue that the wording be changed.
Today this confirmation has been changed and is reflected on

Picture of old box

Proof of work:
GitHub issue
GitHub commit
GitHub PR

Screenshot of new box:

Benefit is the main front end used to use the steem blockchain. Even though there are dozen or so alternatives for accessing the blockchain, steemit is the main one. The official one I think. It might not be the shiniest interface, or most content consumption friendly, but it is the flagship of our steem navy. If someone can't get along with steemit, I suspect they will be less interested in trying other UI's, or adapting the site for continued use. It's these tiny cosmetic and thematic improvements that will help bring in new users, and keep them using the site. And it was acknowledged and fixed in less than a week, kudos to our brave developers :)

Even though it's a minor issue that was resolved quickly, I think it's a valuable contribution to the OS community and our dear steemit.

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Hi @achiron, thank you for your contribution.

The Suggestion is not seen as worth the reward. Your points of benefits are simple and they do not enhance the project that much.
We are focused on suggestions which adds value to the project and to the Open Source community and we think that tiny cosmetic and thematic improvements doesn't fit with our Category.
We love your effort and commitment, and I personally think that this tiny improvements are good for the project, but Utopian must not reward it. Approving this will bring a lot of abusers who will try to game the system with little changes. I hope you understand.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines

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No, I don't agree with you. This "not worth the reward" has gone unnoticed for almost 2 years. This is what QA is about, finding the small imperfections.