Add features "Upload Image, Reply, and list of (Vote) givers" on Debato

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Debato is a platform that allows users to participate in online debates. Debato was founded on the Steem Blockchain system, meaning users can log in using their Steem account. The interesting thing about Debato is that users can not only discuss or debate, but users can also get reward through upvote when conducting discussions.



The components (Features) I want to suggest is:

  • Upload Image
  • Reply
  • List of (Vote) givers


Proposal Description

Previously, I was very happy that my 2 contributions were well received by PO debato and even the Debato Developer had implemented it. I am very happy and very impressed with the developer of Debato, because every suggestion or input from users is responded to well. And don't be surprised, until now I still pay attention to the Debato Platform.

Debato is a project that needs to be supported and also needs to be promoted. The purpose of this post is not only to provide suggestions for debato, but at the same time to promote to be seen by other Steemit users.

Debato has been very interesting in my opinion, but still needs further development to make Debato more attractive. Therefore, I want to suggest some features to make Debato more attractive.

- Upload Image

This is the first feature I want to suggest that be added to the "Start Discussion" page. Previously, to add Cover Image, users had to add an image URL. That is a complicated step, because if a user wants to upload photos from a computer, then the user must use other sites like steemit to get the image URL.

Users need something fast and easy, I think with the "Upload Images" feature that can be directly connected to a computer or smartphone, this will add to the comfort of the user later.

- Reply

At first I was a little surprised, why the developer did not add the "Reply" feature to the comments, while Debato was a platform for discussion or debate in which we were required to exchange opinions.

in my opinion the "Reply" feature in the comments needs to be lyrics by the developer. Because with this feature, users can respond to each other on other user comments.

- List of (Vote) givers

This is not a big enough feature, but it is very meaningful. Because by being able to see a list of VOTE givers, users can find out who gave the award for the discussion.


Mockups / Examples

Below I will show examples of locations or illustrations if the features I recommend are implemented by the Developer.


done 1.png
done 2.png

NEW DONE 3.png




The benefits of the two features above are as follows:

  • With the "Upload Image" feature that is directly connected to a computer or smartphone, it will certainly make it easier for users to add cover images without having to use other sites. And this certainly will add to the comfort of the user.

  • And with the "Reply" feature on Comments, users can provide response on other users' comments. And also they can exchange opinions on comments. And also, with the addition of the "Reply" feature to the comment, it would certainly make Debato not stiff anymore.

  • With the availability of a list of VOTE givers, it will certainly make Debato more attractive and useful. Because users can see who gave the award for the discussion. And users can also find out how many people appreciate or provide support on the discussion page on Debato.



The first feature that I recommend is a very important feature. Because it concerns the user's convenience. But the other 2 features are also quite important, because with the addition of the "Reply and List of VOTE" feature, it will certainly make Debato more attractive and will add value to the Debato project.


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Hello @ahyar92!
Thank you for contributing.
There is no doubt that these features will be a good addition to debato.
The mock-ups are brilliant again and the contribution as a whole is written very nicely. Well done!

I would like to point out that this is your third contribution on the same repository. You are advised to suggest multiple features in a single contribution and in no case shall the suggested features be divided into multiple contributions.
You will be appreciated if you suggest a few more features on the same repository on GitHub but don't expect a utopian reward again.
We are already looking for your next contribution.

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Thank you sir :)
But I do not intend to share contributions. My idea suddenly appeared not something I had planned before.

Your advice will be an input for me in the future
Thank you :)


Thank you for your review, @syedumair! Keep up the good work!

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Hi @ahyar92!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
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Hi, thank you for your suggestions again! I am glad that you take the time to think about the features of debato.
the features you mention indeed came to my mind as well, but besides the upload features, I had reasons for not including them (yet).

The core concept of debato is to get rid of the cluttering of regular comment sections and put the many sub-discussions in the debate structure. If it would be possible to reply on comments directly there is the risk of a discussion evolving in the comment section rather than as arguments. By tagging however, it is possible to provide simple responses to comments.

Also a list of upvoters was not included to keep the focus on the arguments rather than the people spending voting power or who supports a certain argument. On the other hand does this feature might result into a more personal experience when debating arguments.

Feel free to comment on these ways of thinking. I'll definitely keep them in mind.