Suggestion For Go To Sleep : Add the "Sleep Diary" and "Statistics" features

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Go To Sleep



Go to Sleep is a Sleep reminder application. Go To Sleep will help you manage your sleep schedule as you want.



The components (Features) I want to suggest is:

  1. Sleep Diary
  2. Statistics


Proposal Description

Go To Sleep is an application that has very good benefits. Because this application will remind users when it's time to sleep. This is useful for people who are too busy working until they forget to set a good sleep schedule. In terms of the appearance of the application, I was also very impressed because this looks very modern and attractive.

In terms of features, indeed this application only relies on one feature, users can only use it for sleep reminders. Although only one feature, the application is indeed very good in my opinion. But it would be better if the developer develops more features to make it even more interesting.

I see there are many similar applications that have the same function as the Go to Sleep application. Even they provide more features to attract users. I think, the Go To Sleep developer must think about this. Indeed, to multiply features is not easy, because the developer must adjust it to the wishes of the user. So that the features added later are not in vain.

Therefore, this time I want to act as a contributor and also a user for Go To Sleep. I want to suggest some features to make Go To Sleep even more interesting.

1. Sleep Diary

Sleep Diary is the first feature I want to recommend for the Go To Sleep application. This is a very interesting feature if you add it to Go To Sleep. Because with the Sleep Diary feature, users can keep their sleep diary.

With the Sleep Diary feature, this will be a memory of how your sleep story will be. You can see that again anytime, and only you know it.

You can tell about your dreamed that night, whether your dream is about your lover or about your family, you can save it in Sleep Diary. Not only that, you can also share the quality of your sleep in emoticons, and track your activities before you go to sleep.

NOTE : To see more about how this feature works, developers can see it on the "MOOKUP" point.

2. Statistics

This "Statistics" feature is related to the "Sleep Diary" feature. Because the Statistics feature will display statistics from the user's sleep diary list.

This feature is very interesting, because it will display all statistical data from the user's sleep diary, the user can see how much time (hours) are used to sleep. Not only that, but users can also see Sleep Efficiency, users can also see when the sleep time the longest and the shortest.

I want to suggest that statistics are not only displayed in numbers, but also in graphs. This is useful to make it look more professional and attractive.

NOTE : To see more about how this feature works, developers can see it on the "MOOKUP" point.


Mockups / Examples

Below I will show examples of locations or illustrations if the features I recommend are implemented by the Developer.

















The benefits of the features above are as follows:

1. Sleep Diary

With the "Sleep Diary" feature, users can keep records of their sleep trips. users can keep a record of how long they sleep, how the user's sleep quality, tell their dreams in sleep and also track activities before they sleep. This feature will keep the user's "sleep diary" list well and regularly. So they can see it again anytime easily.

2. Statistics

As I explained above, this feature is related to "Sleep Diary". With the "Statistics" feature, users can view statistical data from a sleep diary list summary. This will display the total time (hours) for sleep, Users can also see sleep efficiency, Percentage of Sleeping Time, Longest Night and Shortest Night. Everything is displayed very interestingly.



To implement the features above, developers may need to make major improvements to the Go To Sleep application. And in my opinion, it doesn't matter because it will have a good effect later for users and developers.

And The features that I recommend are certainly very useful for users and developers because will improve user experience later. And this will add value to the Go To Sleep Application. And I hope, the Go To Sleep Application developer will soon be able to implement this suggestion.

Thank You :)


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Hello @ahyar92!
Thank you for contributing.
I appreciate the work you put into creating these excellent mock-ups, keep it up!
It looks like the PO really appreciates your work and he is very impressed, well done!
Keeping track and record of your sleep is a nice idea and I would say it is a must have feature for applications such as these.
There is not much to suggest you this time but there is always room for improvement and I know you are working hard and the improvements are showing in your contributions.

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