Suggestion For Notepad : Improvement Features On The Page Write Notes And add details from the note

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Notepad is a very simple but cool open source note application. The application of this note is very easy to use, and also this application has an AutoSave feature which will automatically save your notes. In addition, you can also share your notes with others and many other supporting features.



The components (Features) I want to suggest is:

Feature NamePoints
Improvement Features On The Page Write NotesAdd Title, Add Image, Add Voice, Add Tag
Details from the noteCreated and Updated


Proposal Description

Notepad is an application writes very simple and interesting notes. Honestly, I like the simple concept. This is very easy for users who don't like something complicated. But, for some reason I think Notepad is too simple for a note application.

I am one of the users who really needs an notes application, almost every day I use the note application in my office work. So many assignments I faced at my job. So that I don't forget it, I always write it on the note application on my smartphone. For myself, I need a note application that not only can write text, I need a note application that can insert images and so on. I needed that so I could add some details to my notes.

While the Notepad application, I think the developer still needs to do feature development in the Notepad application. This is useful to make it more attractive to users and can compete with similar applications. The problem now is, if Notepad developers only maintain their simplicity, I think Notepad will lose competitiveness with other applications. Because for the latest smartphones at the moment, I think it already has a default note application. Therefore, developers must present applications that are superior in quality than the default application on smartphones so that users are more interested.

In this contribution, I want to help developers share ideas to make the Notepad application even more interesting. There are some features that I want to recommend for developers, and in my opinion the features that I recommend really have very good benefits for users later.

1. Improvement Features On The Page Write Notes

  • Add Title
    This is the first feature I want to recommend, and I have seen several times in the Github issue that users recommend that this feature be added. And at this time, I tried to suggest again in more detail so that developers could consider if this feature was very important. This "Add Title" feature serves to describe the topic of the note. Users can easily search their notes through titles without having to open the contents of the note again.

  • Add Image
    By being able to add images to the contents of the note, this certainly helps users to write notes in more detail by adding images.

  • Add Voice
    This is a very important feature if added to the Notepad application. Sometimes, users do not have time to write notes quickly, and by being able to add voice recordings in notes, this helps users save long records in voice recordings in the Notepad application.

  • Add tag
    By being able to add tags to notes, this certainly helps users in sorting notes. Users can sort their records according to certain categories so that all user records can be arranged neatly. And users can also find their notes easily if sorted by tags.

2. Details from the note

I also want to advise developers to add details to notes in Notepad such as "Created and Updated". This is useful for users to be able to find out when the record was created and updated last time. I suggest that in (Created and Update), not only display the day of note-taking but also added what time the note was made.

Note : To see the location of features and examples of features display, developers can see them in the points below.


Mockups / Examples

Below I will show examples of locations or illustrations if the features I recommend are implemented by the Developer.












The benefits of the features above are as follows:

1. Improvement Features On The Page Write Notes (Add Title, Add Image, Add Voice, Add Tag)

I have explained the benefits of the features in the points above (Proposal Description). The benefits of all these enhancements will be to help users write notes in more detail such as adding images, adding sound recordings, and can add tags that are used to sort notes according to certain categories.

2. Details from the note (Created and Updated)

By adding details to the notes such as (Created and Update), the user can see when the note was last Created and updated. This is useful for users to remember something that might be forgotten through the details of that time.



To implement the features above, developers may need to make major improvements to the Notepad application. And in my opinion, it doesn't matter because it will have a good effect later for users and developers.

And The features that I recommend are certainly very useful for users and developers because will improve user experience later. And this will add value to the Notepad Application. And I hope, the Notepad Application developer will soon be able to implement this suggestion.

Thank You :)


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Hello @ahyar92!
Thank you for contributing.
While I appreciate that you reminded the PO about the addition of the title but it is unnecessary as there are plenty of users suggesting this feature. The PO has already replied to a few saying that it will be implemented in the next upgrade so we it is better we wait for it.
Apart from that all the other features suggested are good and I hope that the PO considers them.
Once again the formatting of the post and the quality of the mock-ups was great.

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