Suggestion For Weather Radar : Add the "My Location, Weather Detail, and Weather-Notifications" Feature

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Weather Radar



Weather Radar is an open source application that displays doppler radar images from the United States national weather service. Images displayed on the Weather Radar are single images, this allows faster loading when the connection speed is not so optimal.



The components (Features) I want to suggest is:

  1. My Location
  2. Weather Detail
  3. Weather-Notifications


Proposal Description

Weather Radar has a very good function. With this application you can see weather maps based on weather radar results. This is very useful for a weather analyst who wants to get weather map information quickly.

However, behind the advantages of the Weather Radar application, further development needs to be done to make it more attractive. I think, developers still need to add some other features to improve user experience and make Weather Radar even more interesting to use.

To make the application a favorite for users, the main thing to think about is user experience. One way to improve user experience is to provide unique features that are useful to users. To find out what users want, developers really need feedback from users. It is intended that the development be carried out in relation to what the user wants.

Therefore, I want to suggest some features for the Weather Radar application. At this time, I suggested these features not as Contributors, but I tried to be a user who wanted the following features to be added to Weather Radar.

1. My Location

The first feature that I recommend is a very important feature in my opinion. I recommend this feature because there are fewer problems in the Weather Radar application. The problem is the location of the radar. Weather Radar only supports regions in the United States, while other regions are not available. This will certainly limit the user's interest in the application.

For example, I come from an Indonesian country. But when I wanted to see the weather map at Weather Radar, of course I was disappointed because there was no availability for my country. Likewise with users from different countries. This will certainly limit the user experience.

So I think, the developer must consider my first suggestion. The "My Location" feature is very useful for users who want to see weather maps in various countries or regions. If the Weather Radar application can support all regions or countries, this will certainly increase application users. Because it can support all users from various countries.

To see how the system from the "My Location" feature, developers can see how it looks at the "Mookup" point.

2. Weather Detail

The "Weather Detail" feature is a very useful feature for lay people who don't understand how to read weather maps. Sometimes, users need something instant and fast. So I think the "Weather Radar" feature is very necessary to display the summary results from a weather radar.

The "Weather Deatail" feature will display weather summaries from weather radar such as Temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity, and other weather predictions.

Not only that, but I also suggest that the "Weather Detail" feature not only displays the weather details on one day, but also for the next few days.

3. Weather-Notifications

The "Weather-Notifications" feature is a feature that serves to display weather notifications in the status bar. This isn't really a big feature, but I think this will be useful for some users. This feature is connected to the "Weather Detail" feature because it will notify the weather of the summary results in the "Weather Detail" feature.

If you are a traveler or a mountaineer, of course the "Weather-Notifications" feature is very useful for getting weather notifications at any time when there is a weather change.

And the "Weather-Notifications" feature is very effective for viewing weather conditions in the status bar quickly without having to open the application again.


Mockups / Examples

Below I will show examples of locations or illustrations if the features I recommend are implemented by the Developer.











The benefits of the features above are as follows:

1. My Location

With the "My Location" feature, users can view weather maps on Weather Radar from various regions or countries. And also the user can see the weather where he was at that time. And if the Weather Radar application can support all regions, it will certainly increase the interest of application users and improve user experience.

2. Weather Detail

With the "Weather Detail" feature, users can easily view a summary analysis of weather maps without having to see the weather map again. This is useful for lay people who don't understand weather radar. And Users can see about the weather such as temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity, and other weather details easily.

3. Weather-Notifications

With the "Weather-Notifications" feature, users will get weather notifications in the event of a change in weather. And also the user can see the weather details in the Status bar easily without having to open the application again.



To implement the features above, developers may need to make major improvements to the Weather Radar application. And in my opinion, it doesn't matter because it will have a good effect later.

The features that I recommend are certainly very useful for users and developers because will improve user experience later. And this will add value to the Weather Radar Application. And I hope, the Weather Radar Application developer will soon be able to implement this suggestion.


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Hello @ahyar92!
Thank you for contributing.
I believe that the the PO specifically has created the application for the people living in United States only so he/she might not consider adding my location feature.
Weather notifications and weather details are two minor enhancements but I do believe they will be a good addition to the application.
As always, the mock-ups are brilliant, well done for that!
I would like to see improvements in your grammar in future, that's the only area you need to work on.

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