Suggestions For Piggybudget : Features Improvement On The Page Add Expense and add Debts features

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PiggyBudget is a very simple personal finance management application, you can easily note your personal and business financial transactions, generate expense reports, and display your financial statistics.



The components (Features) I want to suggest is:

1. Features Improvement On The Page Add Expanses

  • Write Note
  • With (Tag people)
  • Add Images

2. Debt feature


Proposal Description

Piggybudget is a very interesting financial management application, I really like the concept of Piggybudget. This application is very simple, it also looks very light and the user is very easy to master the application.

In terms of features, applications, this is very simple. This might be very interesting for users who don't like something complicated. But different thoughts will arise for users who want a very detailed financial management application. I, as a user, don't like the simple ones, but I also don't like anything complicated, so I want the average.

Therefore, I want the Piggybudget developer to add more features to make it more interesting. And developers don't need to worry about that, because in this contribution I will propose some features for Piggybudget.

1. Features Improvement On The Page Add Expanses

On the "Add Expanses" page, I think it's still very simple, users can't add some details about their expenses. Expenditure details are very necessary for users, so users can remember the history of expenses made at a certain time.

Write Note

The "Write Notes" feature really needs to be added to add some notes about financial expenses.

With (Tag people)

The working concept of this feature is connected with contacts on the user's Smartphone. This feature serves to mark someone involved in the transaction.

Users can mark someone in an expenditure transaction such as making a debt payment to that person.

Add Images

The "Add Images" feature serves to upload expense details such as uploading proof of transfer or receipt.

2. Debts feature

This is a very interesting feature, with the "Debt" feature, users can add a list of debts and receivables to the Piggybudget application. This is very helpful for users to record each debt or receivable transaction that is carried out. Users no longer need to have to write in a notebook, users simply open a smartphone and can see a list of debts and receivables effectively on their smartphone.


Mockups / Examples

Below I will show examples of locations or illustrations if the features I recommend are implemented by the Developer.











The benefits of the features above are as follows:

1. Features Improvement On The Page Add Expanses

I have explained the details of the benefits of the features in the points above (Proposal Description). With the increase in features on the 'Add Expense ' page such as adding "Write Note, With, and Add Images" features, this will certainly make Piggybudget even more attractive. And of course, the user will get a very detailed expenditure report.

2. Debts feature

With the addition of the "Debts" feature, users can add a list of debt and receivables transactions carried out in the Piggybudget application. This is certainly very interesting, because users can add every detail such as a photo of proof of money transfers, marking people, and also adding notes about transactions made.



2 The feature points I recommend above are very interesting features and have good functionalities. I am sure, the above features are very useful for users and will also improve user experience later. With that, it will certainly add value to the Piggybudget application.

Maybe with the addition of the above features, it will eliminate the simple impression on the Piggybudget application. But in my opinion it's not a problem, because it will have a good effect on the Piggybudget application.

And I hope, developers can immediately implement my suggestion.

Thank You :)


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Hello @ahyar92!
Glad to see you contributing again.
It is really nice to see that your grammar has improved a lot, well done for that!
Mock-ups are great as always.
The suggested features and the contribution as a whole is way better than your previous one.
The suggested features are common but important for this application to have and every component is written nicely.
I look forward to review your next contribution.

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