New Logo Proposal for CosyDVR: Car Digital Video Recorder

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CosyDVR is free and open source car digital video recorder (DVR). This app can continuously record video, splitting it on fragments that user can defined its duration. To learn more about their apps, you can visit their github here. The app is also free to download here.

Their current icon is a photograph of a video recorder. It will be hard to implement in other media. Here's my new logo proposal for CosyDVR.


Benefits / Improvements

I want to make a logo that easy to understand, simple, modern, and can be implemented in other media, such as print ad, t-shirt, and other marketing media. Because it only use red and dark color, it will reduce printing cost. The idea was coming from a steering wheel that represent car. A capture icon and red circle steering wheel represent video recording that is the main feature of CosyDVR app.



I use CorelDraw X7 as my graphic design tool.

Original files

You can download the editable files here.

Free commercial use font is Trueno.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


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