For all the Steemit devs, if your Steem bot recently has started behaving wrong try to change the RPC node first.

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Hey devs on Steemit,

I have been using @buildteam's RPC node(, thanks to the team, for my @krguidedog project. It's been great until yesterday, but KR Guidedog bot just got stuck due to a very weird problem.

I spent huge amount of time to figure out the main cause, and it turned out the post body and json_metadata are completely empty when I get a post by any "user/permlink" combinations. Tried lots of edge cases and all failed. As @krguidedog needs to check the tag in json_metadata of the post, it was just unable to work without the data.

I am using steem-python's Post module but basically it is using the light RPC internally so after digging into the problem I concluded that it was a problem of the RPC node.

I simply changed my RPC node to the other node (@gtg's one), and everything has come back to normal.

@buildteam, could you please check why there are such discrepancies in the response from your RPC?

Hope this helped you.

Expected behavior

steemd RPC must return the body and json_metadata of a post

Actual behavior

body and json_metadata are empty

How to reproduce

Using steem-python, set RPC node to:

steempy set nodes

And run this code.

from import Post

a = Post("@nowmacha/2gm8vp-and")

And run the code after changing your RPC node to another one:

steempy set nodes


I put steemd's repository as I barely think @buildteam has forked steemd for their RPC node.

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Hi @asbear, this seems to be related to a replay of the buildteam node, see here:

hi @asbear , thanks for the contribution , i think the developers have noticed this issue already

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Yes but my bug report was 2 days earlier than that. This report definitely deserves utopian's vote. Let me know if you think different.