Actifit in 2018 – Activities, Posts, Votes, Rewards and Top Actifitters

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Actifit was born in 2018. It was the first year for the dApp on the Steem blockchain. Actifit is rewarding its users for being active. Such a noble mission. There is a great potential in the field of healthy life style. Actifit has recognized this and set itself to a journey to tokenize this industry and combine it with the crypto economy.


@actifit was launched at the end of June 2018. It hasn’t been around for the whole year. Because of this the analysis made here will be just for the part of the year @actifit was active in. It was not the best of time to launch a product. The prices went down from the ATH in January 2018 and everybody was a little bit down. On the other hand, this meant that a lot of the speculators was gone, so only a healthy user base was still around.

Me myself I’m using the app on a daily basis and post on my alt account @dalzphoto. I can tell by experience that thanks to this project I’m now a more active person 😊.

In this overview, daily data will be presented for Actifit, like delegations, posts and comments, number of posts and users voted on, average vote worth, daily rewards and the top Actifitters for the year.

Scope of Analysis

The analysis was carried out for the period from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018. Data from the STEEM blockchain was used and details of the queries can be found at the bottom of this post.

Actifit Delegations History

Actifit has started humble, but quickly gained a number of delegators. This is a project that is truly supported by the community. It didn’t have a single main delegator but more than 400 different users who delegate to Actifit.

Here is a graph on SP delegated to Actifit in 2018.


As we can see the delegation started at the end on June and continued over the year. By the end of the first month Actifit gathered around 70k SP. The delegations continued as new users come on board and the old one increased the delegations. At the end of the year Actifit have around 275k SP delegated. The sharp increase in November is due to the delegation from @freedom with a 50k SP.

As already mentioned @actifit is a community project and have a lot of delegators. Here is a graph for the number of users that delegated to @actifit.


Here we can see an almost linear line of the number of delegators to Actifit. At the end of 2018 there is more than 400 delegators. This shows that even with the drop in price that came in November, this project continued to grow and receive delegations. All the delegators receive AFIT token daily rewards.

Activity on Actifit

Activity on the platform is in posts and comments. Actifitters post their activity as a daily post. Later they get upvote from Actifit as a reward and AFIT tokens. Post reward depends on the User Score and the Activity. The total number of posts and comments is show in the chart below. Data for each day was collected and presented on this graph.


The total number of posts and comments on Actifit in 2018 is around 130.000

As we can see the activity on the dApp is growing in the first months reaching its maximum in the middle of October 2018. After this it almost remains the same with around 1000 post and comments till the end of the year. All of this period the activity on the Steemit platform was going down. Seeing Actifit attracting users to its platform and the holding to those in times when the price went down almost tree fold is a great thing.

Hopefully they will continue to attract new user in 2019 and bring more on the Steem blockchain directly from the dApp.
The drop in activity in October is due to the Hardfork.

Below is a breakdown of posts and comments and their movement in 2018.


The total number of Actifit posts in 2018 is 47,918.

Not all of this post are daily reports on activity since there is posts just related to actifit, but probably more than 95% of the posts are activity reports. Here we can see a similar pattern as in the overall activity. Nice growth until middle of October and then a steady number of posts with around 300 daily posts.


The total number of comments on Actifit in 2018 is 82,096.

Commenting on the platform is almost the same as the previous graphs. A slight increase in the comments can be seen after the Hardfork in October 2018. This may be due to the fact that Actifit introduced a new rewarding system at the time. One of the factors was also the quality of the post and the comments it gets. So this may increase the comments.

Number of posts voted

As already mentioned, Actifit rewards its users with a vote from their account. They vote on all of the posts that will have 5000 and more moves. Here how that looks in 2018.


The total number of posts voted from Actifit in 2018 was 40,462, with an average of 215 posts voted per day.

Here as well we can see that the number of daily votes reached its maximum in October and then remain at that level. At occasions we can see a sharp drop and then sharp rise in the voting. This is due to the voting bot. Sometimes it misses a day, and then compensates the next day. Also, sometime there are changes in the voting pattern, that requires adjusting.

Number of Actifitters Voted

The number of Actifitters that received a vote from @actifit is an interesting to follow.
This shows how many users @actifit supported with their vote. Below is a chart with a number of monthly users that received vote from Actifit.


A Total of 1712 users received a vote from Actifit in 2018.

Here as well we can see that the number of monthly users supported by Actifit reached its maximum in October, with 865 users voted, and then their a small decline towards the end of the year, finishing it with a 744 users voted by Actifit.

Daily Average Vote Value in STEEM

Actifit is voting with difrent vote weight on the posts. The average weight for 2018 is around 4,72%. Lets see how much is this in STEEM. Below is a chart of daily average worth of dtubbe vote in steem.


The daily average value of the vote in 2018 is 0,34 STEEM

The vote depends on the SP the account holds and the number of posts. We can notice a significant increase in the first months, and then it is levelling up. At the end of the year we can see a small increase in the daily average vote. The days with spikes are days when there is not much of voting happening, and when there is 2 or 3 votes in that day, they increase the average. Actifit is doing a great job in the distribution of the votes. A bigger delegation would be even nicer for this account. Something in the range above one million. I believe this is achievable in 2019.

Note to the vote values. These values are not directly from the blockchain, but calculated. For this purpose the daily SP that the account holds is used, then the weight of the vote, and a theoretical value of the 95% Actifit vote. The curator share is also removed.

This means the values are not 100% accurate but approximate.
I have a suggestion for @crokkon for a more accurate way of determining these values, but since this analysis was already made, I will try to use that method in a future one.

Daily Rewards

With all of the votes casted to its users let’s see how much daily reward Actifit is generating in STEEM. Below is a chart for the sum of daily reward generated by Actifit.


A total of 15,055 STEEM was rewarded from Actifit in 2018 to its users.

Here we can see that at first the total daily reward was quite small, but then it continued with a steady growth to the end of the year. At the end of the year the daily reward reached on approximate 170 STEEM.

Having in mind that this project has been around for a half a year, and for that time it has depending on delegation only from its users, this is a decent amount of reward that they have generated.

Top Actifitters in 2018

Below is a table with top Actifitters ranked by rewards from Actifit.

NoActifitterSTEEM Rewarded

Congratulation to the top Actifitters in 2018!
On the first place is @actifit-peter, second is @practicaleric, and on the third place @stats-generator. There is a data for all Actifitters, but I can’t display all of it here. If someone want this data for his account feel free to ask in the comment.
As mentioned before, the data on the rewards is calculated and it is approximate.


Actifit is a young project. It has been around for a half a year. We can see that it had a great start, growing fast in terms of activity from July to October. Then the activity flattens out. But we should remember that this was one of the worst periods in the crypto space. In October and November, the value of STEEM dropped from around 1$ to 0,23$ at a time. Still this project remined stable with activity. In terms of delegation there has been a steady growth through all the year. Even in the last couple of months when activity flattened the delegation continued to increase. A total of 1700 users posted from the Actifit app in 2018, more than 40.000 reports on activity. The year ended with around 800 monthly users, or around 300 daily ones. At the end of the year @actifit holds more than a 280.000 SP from more than 400 delegators.
Wish them more successful and remarkable 2019!

Tools and Scripts

The data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange.
The query used to get vote information was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)*#(lf)FROM #(lf)Txvotes (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE [voter] in ('actifit')#(lf)and CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31'"]),
    #"Added Custom" = Table.AddColumn(Source, "% weight", each [weight]/10000),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom",{{"% weight", Percentage.Type}}),
    #"Added Custom1" = Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Current vote worth", each 50),
    #"Added Custom2" = Table.AddColumn(#"Added Custom1", "approx vote $", each [Current vote worth]*[#"% weight"]),
    #"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom2",{{"timestamp", type date}, {"approx vote $", type number}})
    #"Changed Type1"

The query used to get post information was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)    author,#(lf)json_metadata,#(lf) permlink,#(lf)      total_payout_value,#(lf)    pending_payout_value,#(lf)    net_votes,#(lf)    created,#(lf)    children,#(lf)    Category,#(lf)    Depth#(lf)#(lf)FROM comments (NOLOCK)#(lf)where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2018-01-01' AND '2018-12-31' and#(lf)contains (json_metadata, 'actifit')#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)#(lf)"]),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"created", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

The query used to get delegations was

    Source = Sql.Database("", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares.*,#(lf)Convert(date, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Date],#(lf)Convert(time, TxDelegateVestingShares.timestamp) as [Time]#(lf)FROM #(lf)TxDelegateVestingShares (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE TxDelegateVestingShares.delegatee = 'actifit'"]),
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Date", type date}})
    #"Changed Type"

GitHub Account

All the best

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Hi @dalz

Thank you for your @actifit Analysis contribution to @utopian-io.

Firstly, I'm glad to read that @actifit is fulfilling one of it's mission goals, which is to encourage it's uses to stick with their activity and remain active. Nice one!

The number of delegators and steady increase in total SP delegated looks excellent on the charts. As you mention, the lack of one huge delegation supporting the app is a huge plus, and the involvement of a good subset of the Steem community speaks really well for @actifit.

The other data tends to follow each other - less posts towards the end of the year, less votes towards the end of the year. Although perhaps not the main reason (the fall in crypto prices as you mention likely the chief cause), the hard-fork did seem to stunt growth somewhat.

I would have been nice to see the new users to actifit by month, or something similar, as an indicator to growth of the app.

Overall a nice summary analysis.


Asher [CM - Analysis]

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Thanks for the review @abh12345!
Making these analysis is quite interesting to me :)
Actifit probably have one of the most active and organic community on Steem. It relies on the community as well.
I was surprised (in a good way) by the positive feedback and all the comments I got from the community for making this analysis. Although I'm quite new at this, and in my mind this is a basic analysis :)

As you noticed the peak of the activity align with the Hardfork so maybe it has an impact as well.
The data on new monthly users is also a great thing to look at, and a nice suggestion from your side. Will try to include it in the future.


Thank you for your review, @abh12345! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for taking time out to produce and share such an in-depth and awesomeness #actifit overview💖

Much Love!

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You welcome :) I'm very much into the app so it was fun to do it


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that is a fantastic analysis and write-up, thank you ! :)


Keep up the good job. I hoppe 2019 stats will dwarf this ones :)

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Great analysis!:) @actifit became a huge part of our every day life, and it makes me so happy! :) Vive Actifit! ♥


Yes it did ... we are walking more now ;)

Posted using Partiko Android


Exactly! Instead of taking a bus or similar, now I prefer walking :)

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Well done @dalz, this is really an indepth report! :)
Provides a very good summary of the @actifit developments in terms of users and rewards in 2018.

Thanks for these useful and interesting information!

I will have to work harder this year to climb the "top Actifitters ranked by rewards from Actifit": where was I last year, @dalz?



No 38! Not bad :)


Thank you, mate! 🙏🏼

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This is a fantastic report! We love actifit! :)

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Thanks :)

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thanks ! :) ♥♩♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.015을 보팅해서 $0.008을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 2589번 $32.062을 보팅해서 $32.168을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


고마워용~♥ 곰도뤼~
행복한 목욜 ♥ 보내셔용~^^

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Thanks so much for this outstanding analysis, which shows the progress and great value and success of @actifit. I am very proud to be part of it.

Thanks so much for the time you invested for doing all these statistics. It looks like many, many hours of work. Resteemed of course! I am going to follow and upvote your actifit account @dalzphoto too to be uptodate on your actifit progress.


Thank you for the nice words, and your support. You are one of my favorite actifitters. Both, with your activities and the quality of your reports.
Well deserved first place :)

Posted using Partiko Android


I am starting to blush at the compliment! Thank you, this is very nice of you! 💚

Wow that’s a lot of data. Thank you for taking the time to collect it all and share it. I think there will be a big upswing in usage this year. I keep seeing more people beginning to use it. I need to do a better job of supporting other Actifitters with comments and upvotes. I will add that to my New Year’s resolutions!

Great information... saw you're from Macedonia, we went there couple of years ago and stayed for91days and loved it. Even produced a book about this amazing country. Where are you located?


Wow :)
Didn't expect that. Happy that you had a nice time here. Even wrote a book :) Can you share it?
I'm located in the capital Skopje.

Congratulations for your great job on promoting @actifit!!!
I am happy to tell that this app Is probably the best I tried and @mcfarhat is a awesome Founder: a huge idea for a huge project. Congratulations to him!

Big hugs for my friends @rosatravels and @mad-runner who are in this standings with and before me. Good job, guys!

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Thanks :)
Congrats to you and your friends for making up in the top actifitters of the year!



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Thank you for this marvellous and in-depth analysis of the actifit project. I am amazed to be in the top ten position and I look forward to continue using this awesome app in 2019 and beyond. Well done @dalz 👍😁

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You are one of the best :)
Congrats on the active life you are having.

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Always nice to be no.1 :)

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Nice one.I always enjoy your write up . keep it up

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