Searching for New Steemians – Activities, Balance Analysis and a Small Gift from Me

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An analysis will be made of the new steem account created in March 2019. Then a closer look will be made on the account’s activity, rewards, balance and delegation received.

Based on this, an effort will be made to allocate the genuine users who are active and not rewarded. They will receive a small reward in form of SBI units, delegation and liquid STEEM. The end selection will be done manually from the pool of accounts that meet certain criteria.


This is an effort to try to contribute to the community and give something back. We all know that starting is not easy. A small push is very much welcomed. It is a nice when someone finds you and rewards you without you asking for it.

Accounts creations in March 2019

Below is a chart of the number of accounts created in March 2019.


A total of 18,963 Steem accounts were created in March 2019

Compared to February 2019 when this number was 19,199, the numbers are almost the same.

The average daily account created in March is around 612. The record number of created accounts was on 20th of March, with 1190 accounts. The minimum is around 200 accounts created per day.

Accounts Distribution per Number of Posts and Balance

How active were the new accounts? Do they got rewarded for their activities?

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and how much they posted. The accounts are grouped in 7 groups:

  • accounts that didn’t posted, 0 posts,
  • accounts with 1 post,
  • accounts with posts between 2 and 5,
  • accounts with posts between 5 and 10,
  • accounts with posts between 10 and 20,
  • accounts with posts between 20 and 50 and
  • accounts with more than 50 posts.

Comments are also included in the number of posts.

Accounts Distribution per Number of Posts

Here is a chart on accounts distribution per number of posts.

A majority 72,4% of the accounts that were created in March didn’t posted at all. An 8,1% posted only once. The rest of the accounts share around 20% are in the group that posted more than once. Their distribution is shown on the chart.

Accounts Distribution per Balance

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and their distribution according to the balance of the account. A note on the balance. The balance of the account is a sum of the different balances, like SBD, savings, vests, pending reward etc. A conversion is made on the SBD balance in STEEM. The final balance is approximate and not totally accurate.

The accounts are grouped in 7 groups, just as for the posts above.


A majority, 76,4% of the accounts created in March have 0 balance. An 17,4% have balance between 0 and 1. The rest of the accounts share around 6% are in the groups with a balance more than 1 STEEM.

The balance doesn’t include the delegated STEEM that the accounts usually get when created.

Posting and Balance Dependencies

I will search for Steemians to reward mainly under two criteria. Number of posts and balance. At the end I will go through a pool of accounts manually and try to find the ones with quality content. Let’s see the dependencies between number of posts and balance.

Here is a scatter chart on that.


I have limited the axes between 10 STEEM and 50 posts, since the majority of the accounts are in this range. As we can see there is no correlation between posting and balance. Actually, there is a lot of accounts with zero posts but with some STEEM in the account. People are using the accounts only as a wallet.

Top 10 accounts with most posts

Here are the top 10 accounts created in March 2019 and had the biggest number of posts.


At number one place with a total of 668 posts is the @whatsup project @dramatoken. It is a fun project giving away drama tokens, whenever there is some drama on the blockchain 😊. Also some other projects in the top of the posting list like the MagicDice bot etc.

Top 10 accounts with the biggest balance

Here are the top 10 accounts created in February 2019 and have the biggest balance.


These accounts are doing great and they certainly don’t need a push in the back 😊. Congrats on them and holdings they have in STEEM. The number one is the new exchange that listed STEEM and where @steemhunt did their IEO.

Searching for Steemians to reward

Having some experience from the previous month in manually checking hundreds of accounts, the approach that I had this time is as follows.

As a criteria for activities I have used something called adjusted posts per day.

First, I have divided the number of posts of each account by the number of days the account was active. This is done to compensate for the accounts that were created in the beginning of the month and had more time to post. A simple number of posts would give them a favor.

Then I have adjusted this ratio. For the account created in the first 10 days of the month, the posts per day ratio, is reduced by 30%. The accounts that are created between the 10th and 20th of the month, don’t have adjustment, and for the accounts created in the last 10 days of the month, the posts per day ratio is increased for 30%.

Then the following filter for the new accounts was applied:

  • accounts with adjusted posts per day ration from 0,5 to 1,
  • balance between 0,1 and 1 STEEM.

This filtered out 96 accounts. Here is the scatter chart for them.


Like mentioned above I was looking for accounts that are active but received almost no reward. I tried to find them and reward them as much as I can. Not asking from them to come to me. It is a special feeling when someone finds you and rewards you without you asking for it.

I checked all the accounts above manually and decided which one I will reward. I was looking for a genuine Steemians creating original content. Not something special just an everyday life things.

What I have noticed when I was doing the manual check there was a lot of Actifiters in this group. @actifit seems to have created new and regular Steemians in the past month. Two of the account chosen below are actifit accounts:).

The rewarded accounts and the rewards.

1@blackbright6 SBI, 30 SP delegation, 2 STEEM
2@fedeshoe944 SBI, 30 SP delegation, 1 STEEM
3@darioscaff30 SP delegation
4@familyon20 SP delegation
5@julesplaschke15 SP delegation

Congrats to these Steemians and hope you will grow fast!

These Steemians will receive an automated upvote from me for the next month as well. That is an approximate 0,03$ worth now.

The rewards are maybe not as big, but that is what I can do at the moment.

The delegations are for one month and then they will be delegated to new users after that.





Previous post:

The query used to get new account information was:

Select *
FROM Accounts (NOLOCK)
(created >= CONVERT(datetime,'03/01/2019')
AND created< CONVERT(datetime,'03/31/2019'))

GitHub Account

All the best

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Hi @dalz

Thank you for your contribution to @utopian-io!

I see you are continuing this initiative from last month and hope that you had good feedback from the accounts whom you delegated to and issued a reward.

It is interesting to compare the two analyses, and we can see that the activity figures are very similar in February and March.


A majority 72,2% out of the 19,199 accounts created in February didn’t posted at all. An 8,3% posted only once. The rest of the accounts share around 20% are in the group that posted more than once.


A majority 72,4% of the accounts that were created in March didn’t posted at all. An 8,1% posted only once. The rest of the accounts share around 20% are in the group that posted more than once.

I agree with the reviewer on the previous analysis that there is some overlap with other monthly reports, and this piece does of course overlap as far as the produced text and charts with your work last time.

Unfortunately, the 'social' side of rewarding is not really in @utopian-io scope, and so no bonus points there even though the good deed is appreciated :)

Asher [CM - Analysis]

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  ·  2년 전

Thanks for the review @abh12345!

You have noticed well, on the activity side. Very similar figures in the two analysis.
About the overlapping, I have excluded the data on the account creators from the last analysis, and tried to focus more on the process of choosing the accounts which will receive a small push, and add a bit more data there.

There is a feedback from this accounts but it is a bit of mix bag. Nevertheless this are all newbies so I hope that a small push will give them the motive to stay here :).


Thank you for your review, @abh12345! Keep up the good work!


hey thanks for the shout out... I'll forward this to whatsup. Interesting project

  ·  2년 전

Thanks :)

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Thanks :)

Thank you my friend. I liked what you said. Great idea :)

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You are welcomed :)
Wish you a great journey here!

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Nice article, thanks for mention :)

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Thanks :)
Keep up the good work!

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