INTRODUCING: - A Decentralized Sports Sharing Platform built on the Steem Blockchain

3년 전


It is with excitement that I introduce my newest project to the Steem Ecosystem. is an open-source decentralized sports sharing platform that rewards contributors for the contribution to the world of Sports. We are using this platform that is riding on the Steem Blockchain to make the earnings possible without middlemen, fair and square.

The project is currently in Alpha, open-source and available for web on Github:
Source Code:
Bug reports:


  • Easy to use UI
  • Users can signup with their Steemit Private Posting Keys
  • Subsequent logins can be done with email and personal passwords
  • Predictions and Betting
  • Mining through interactions and engagements
  • Live Streaming (in progress)
  • Sprtshub Reputation scoring
  • In platform wallet
  • Users can earn Sportscoin for use on the platform
  • Coversion of Sportscoin to SBD & STEEM

Important is currently in Alpha. While careful development and testing has been done and is still being done - bugs should be expected. @ejemai or @stach cannot be held liable for unknown issues, loss of funds (SBD & STEEM) or mistakes made by the user. Make sure to use your Private posting keys only when signing on the platform.

I Feel Blessed!

With that out of the way, we can proceed with enjoying this open-source decentralized sports sharing platform that is designed to bring the rewards to sports lover via the Steem Blockchain

Development was built entirely on the Steem Blockchain using the Steem-js library as our interface. We chose the js library because if it's flexibility and ability to run across platforms, since Vanilla js is already widely used on all platforms such as web, desktop and mobile.
The platform is hosted on an 8GB RAM server with 160GB storage running on Digitalocean Servers, one of the world's most reliable and scalable servers with over 14 datacenters spread across the world. (Constant upgrade planned)
We implemented load balancers which distributes the load on a single node thus ensuring that we have as many nodes being deployed as at when its needed, this is very important for scalability.

The Steem-js library connects via web sockets to the Steem Blockchain. SprtsHub's frontend is 80% built on Vanilla Javascript, while also implementing important frontend frameworks such as jquery and lazy loaders. All files get loaded asynchronously using only .js which guarantees fast load times of all functions and plugins.
As for the backend, we implemented laravel framework due to it's massive scalability, speed and security.
For security and caching we used Cloudflare so as to prevent against DDos attacks and malicious entry to the site. Cloudflare is the world's leader in cyber security and encryption.
The website uses advanced TLS encryption for ensuring that all data sent to and fro from our servers are kept encrypted end-to-end.

User Access

The steps to signup is easy and can be done in just 10 seconds.

You can login with your email and password, so need worrying about constantly inputting your Private Posting Keys. It is just a one time exercise.

Easy to use writing style, with message preview and markdown format

Writing a post on Sprtshub is fun as you can get the best experience complete with preview page and markdown format already in place.

Contributions approvals

All articles published through the platform will be approved by a moderator to ensure it is a sports contribution and free from Plagiarism and Spam. We are poised to encourage original contents and will use this platform to promote a plagiarism and spam free content economy.

Token reward with in-platform Wallet System

On the Sprtshub platform, users can mine SPC for contributing articles, commenting, predicting, staking and engaging on daily basis. You can transfer SPC to another user and also convert to SBD & Steem. Additional information on token capacity, ownership and distribution to be released soon on @sprtshub.

Sprtshub Reputation score

On, every user has a unique reputation that measures participation and engagement. The default setting is 2 and it has nothing to do with your Steemit reputation; they are both independent of each other.

SMT Compliant

We have designed to be SMT compliant and we will be porting to this much anticipated offering from Steemit inc. Tokenizing sports will be fun and we are excited to be leading the movement to bringing fun and reward to the Sporting community on the Steem Blockchain.

More features coming soon

This is the Alpha stage and we are working round the clock to make sure we deliver a truly decentralized sports sharing platform and we will be listening to you to make sure we give you what you want. The website is fully responsive on mobile and web.


Steemit: @Sprtshub

Twitter: @Sprtshub


Guthub: is a STACH Project created to bring fun and rewards to sports sharing through the Steem Blockchain.

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Great one this is.. I bet it'll be a nice platform.. Weldone

Great job man... 5 Star for this

Awesome work boss. Yet another engaging project. I have no doubt this will be very impacting.

Nice work. Good luck into the beta, and kudos on using Cloudflare.

@costanza @beat-the-bookies , this might be of interest to the two of you :)


thanks for the heads up jorrdc !
I'll certainly have a look at it :)

Wow. This is just heavy. Weldone bro @ejemai. Many more ground breaking initiatives to come.

And by the way, hearty Congratulations for reaching the rep of 70. Cheers


very informative sharing :) upvote and resteem :)

I wan dab for you for this kind idea! Na superb one. Ah de your back like say tomorrow no dey!

Great Project
Perhaps, this could bring more people to the world of Sports
Big things are coming up on the blockchain
Innovative ideas never ends.

This is great!!! @ejemai this is the best time to launch this seeing as the world cup is just around the corner!!!
I'm definitely resteeming!!

Once again, another amazing project ejemai, congratulations.

Sir we are glad you introduced this to steems blockchain, this will make sports in general to be popular. Resteemed.

This is really a welcomed development @ejemai. I'm a real sport fan and this is what I need. Thanks @ejemai for creating this wonderful platform

Thanks for the contribution.

It looks like a really cool project, but here are some things to keep in mind when contributing via if you want to receive a higher score:

  • Submissions should include a comprehensible commit history. At the time of submitting your contribution the repository didn't contain any code. Of course it does now, but the commit messages are all "Add files via upload", which means they still aren't comprehensible.
  • The Github repository linked to the submission post must contain a readme file with usage and install instructions and an appropriate open source license, or be directly connected to such a repository.

I was also wondering if there is a reason why you don't use SteemConnect?

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Amazing idea @ejemai. This is great. Amazing

INTRODUCING: - A Decentralized Sports Sharing Platform built on the Steem Blockchain has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

Finally something to spice up the fun

  ·  3년 전

@ejemai you have done something that i didn't expect from a nigerian. Everyday i see you there is just something i can't explain but one thing i know is that you are a great man. This project must be heard on steemit and beyond steemit..
Great job boss!. I am going over there now


Thanks @bhoa, looking forward to seeing you there.
Stay awesome!

This is sounds very good. Congratulations on this achievement @Ejemai.

Exceptional concept. I'd like to talk more to you about the philosophy behind this and what it's going to do. As always, I love the work you do with STACH and always happy to see what we can do to collaborate and help.


Thanks man. The benefits are endless and will continue the discuss with you in Dm.
Stay awesome!

@ejemai always on point! You surpassed our expectations with this one! A superb initiative...I found the inter-phase really smooth and easy to use. Well done sir


Thanks @mosunomotunde, glad you liked the project and looking forward to your engagements and participation.
Stay awesome!

  ·  3년 전

Great work, its quite amazing. The idea is unique.

  ·  3년 전

good post and useful

this is a great update. it shows more work is in progress. thanks for the post

It sounds good already. I will look it up.

Meanwhile, Big congrats on '70' reputation milestone. is not a small thing to become 'baba 70'.

Greater height man.


Thanks man and hope you enjoy the use of the platform.
Stay awesome!

I am so much In love with this. Nice idea boss...

Hello @ejemai

This is a welcome development, though I'm not a sports enthusiast, I'll do well to inform my friends about this who have interest in sports and football. Well done for this beautiful initiative.

I am excited to hear this.

God bless.

Wow wow wow... That's all i can say... Didn't see this coming!

I really love the idea of the platform and the work that's been put into it already is quite evident in positive feedback. You can bet the sport fans will love this. Weldone @ejemai sir


Lol, we didn't see it coming too. We are happy to be part of something this grand that will encourage sports sharing and engagements.
Stay awesome!

Steemit keeps getting better and bigger... Thanks for all that you do @ejemai

Very good concept. The steem platform is going wide in Nigeria through your hands. Keep doing the great work. More grace.

This is such a bespoke project... Awesome insights and implementation by our very own @ejemai. You keep doing great things. I really love your spirit sir

Yes @ejemai I have always believed in your hugs ideas when it comes to blockchain revenlution and decentralition of morden day advancement. Bring sports to the light line of steemit is such a cool development.
Congratulations to all sports and football lover's something new is here for you guy's

This Is is a welcome development ,, good concept I must say

i am a newcomer in steemit i also want to succeed like you

This is really cool seeing sporthub been built on steem/it. I hope to enjoy the thrilling Excitement that will come along with the sporting activities especially football. Well done @ejemai

Wawuu @ejemai, seriously am impressed because i basically give 90% team analysis on soccer, and possible best predictions for betting. Great one sir i must confess.. Nice project.. Am in for this...

You got a 8.52% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @ejemai!

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❤..Incredible @ejemai my brother in other side in the world, what you are doing and the result is something we have been hoping for true sports lovers to feel the atmosphere of sports world on this steemit platform, is it related to the implementation of the 2018 World Cup in Russia? .. lol
I feel really not wrong to have joined the @stach community and more importantly already greeting to you sir and i will to suport anymore your project!!

This is a welcome development sir. I hope to see it cover the world of sport and not just football.

Sir, can say this to you, this is just the beginning, cos am gonna be sending more predictions to on the platform.. Wow kudos to you,never saw this coming @ejemai nice one

Resteemed upvoted is a very big project, @ejemai you must have been working day and night to make each step a big progress.. May this project be a legacy thanks for using the best js library it is good to know that it connects to the steemit block gain.
I'm seriously mind blown at this platform your bringing on board.
Steemians would be happy to get on board.
Thanks @ejemai


Thanks @eunireal1, your support and kind words makes the sleepless nights and hardwork worth it. Looking forward to having you on board.
Stay awesome!
Stay awesome!

Wow this is brilliant

I know I mentioned this on the discord server, but lemme say it again.

This is a wonderful project, shey airdrop is coming for the sprts token, cause I know it's value is going to the moon, this would gain traction in no time....

Nice one boss


Fingers crossed Wina, fingers crossed.
Thanks and stay awesome!

weldone sir, always followimg your lead. very informative

Hello @ejemai

This is a huge step in the right direction. It makes me look forward to the launch of SMT, I was reading @steemhunt post today and I found out that Steem is truly a mother Blockchain.

I will definitely make a post soon and try out the platform.

I also love the Reputation feature as I value engagement.

Looking forward to more Updates. Resteemed



Thanks @ogochukwu. Your feedback and support is appreciated.
Nice article by the way.
Stay awesome!

  ·  3년 전

This is a very wonderful innovation, love it. My question is (is it on every sports or just ome particular sport?) @ejemai


Thanks. It is EVERY SPORTS.

Sir, i respect your idea to bring this to all steemians, am so impressed.. Thanks for your gift, with my little analysis idea, will give my support too... @ejemai


  ·  3년 전

Wow! Great!
Those who love sports analysis and predictions can find where to lounge. Maybe I should get more interested in sports too.

I loved that part about getting the disclaimer out of the way. Lol

Congratulations @ejemai
You keep disrupting and innovating. Weldone!

Wow! This is really a big project! You have done a lot on this platform and you keep blowing our minds with unique initiatives like this one. I came across already on the what's app , didn't get a clear picture about it though , didn't know you had published here already.

Nice One Sir.

@ejemai Congratulations on your landmark achievement here on steemit, i must confess this is a step in the right direction. This will benefit millions who are lovers of sports, its really welcomed development.

I will contribute my own quota by Resteeming this great achievement as it has to do with sports, a lot who have not heard will do so, please permit me to resteem and registers as well.

Gracias Amigos, keep it up.


Thanks for your support and please do resteem and join us on the platform.
Stay awesome!


Nice work ejemi, have resteemed

Hi @ejemai,
Great initiative but I do have some questions.

  • if I do post via sprtshub, will my posts than still be upvote by for instance steembasicincome?
  • are these posts also visible when a users browse through their feed on steemit or
  • will there be a beneficiary reward for sprtshub?
  • upvoting post will also have an effect of the steem voting power, isn’t it?



Hi @fullcoverbetting to answer your questions:

  • Yes, it can be upvoted by anyone because once it is approved, it will appear on the Steem Blockchain.
  • Yes, the posts are visible on busy, Steemit and all such platform connect to the Steem Blockchain.
  • There is beneficiary reward for using Users get rewarded with Sprtscoins for article posted and also for interactions.
  • Yes, this is a project developed on the Steem Blockchain and whatever upvotes you get reads on your Steemit account as well.
    Hope you enjoy your time with us.
    Stay awesome!

Thanks @ejemai for the responses. When in doubt it is better to ask than assume and afterwards being wrong!

This is a great innovation, i hope you are considering an homepage for the website... And a whitepaper because of rhe smt inclusion.... Since its for sports, a livestream for certain matches will be ok, you don't need to pay, just add the vedio players of some sportstream to it....
Plus are you thinking of sports betting (the ‘odds’ systems will be ok). And if it is sports that means you are planning to cover more than just football, a categorization for eachbsports will be cool (i think the tagging system will work best) subsequently. Sure the web app will be cool on Android (why am i saying it, since you are thinking about it already)... one step at a time.... I support it (i have so much been waiting for something to come from nigeria on smt and here it is)
Congratulations bro


Thanks man. You are on point with your comment,. There is so much more coming and we will keep working to make sure we deliver a world class sports platform.
The whole package is guaranteed. Predictions, betting live streamings, commentary and contest.
Stay tuned and awesome!

Wow, this is really cool.. I've always looked for some kinda sporty blockchain.
I'm glad this has been initiated into the steem blockchain

I'm following this news from now.

This is great boss @ejemai. You have indeed taken the game to the next level. Congratulations sir. I want to be like you when I grow up.


We all are still growing as we still have growing up to do. Looking to see you on the platform.
Stay awesome!

Yaaaay!. Oh my world. You are too impressive. Wooow! This should be exciting. Your heart is golden sir, always looking for ways to help and make things better. Yesss!!!.


Thanks bro. The Blockchain allows us dream bigger.
Stay awesome!


This is all you sir. Thanks a lot as always.

Wow I love what I am seeing, its a welcome development i agree @ejemai

This is wow

Encore @ejemai, Resteemed and shared to the World!


Thanks bro. Stay awesome!

This project is really informative.

This is a welcome development mostly for those of us in sports community, this project will really make sports popular in blockchain. Resteemed.


Thanks and stay awesome!

Congratulations on this Sir.

This is a very perfect idea, i would love to work on this project as a developer.

This is a very perfect idea, i would love to work on this project as a developer.

@ejemai, good job because you have given the lovers of sports, a reason to smile, thnks sir.

Where will you store our posting keys??

Why don't you implement steemconnect?

This is really head yas! I never saw this coming. This is really going to be fun for sports lovers on the blockchain, combining business with pleasure...kudos boss!

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This is a good one papa 70 @ejemai, steemit is unstoppable especially with your kind of person in here.