A chance for Utopian

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As you may have noticed, a few days ago I gave an ultimatum for Utopian, either we would succeed on Indiegogo or we would shut down the project.


The reason for that was simple, we have failed to bring our product to life when the market was favorable and we have been struggling too much to develop it, now that the market isn't as favorable. There must be a point in time when, as an entrepreneur, you realize that the project, as a whole, isn't working. I think I was coming to that point.

I believe the issue is not what Utopian is supposed to achieve, as others seem to be doing well on the same path, but it's a combination of bad luck and mistakes, where for the latter I have my portion of responsibility.

Thankfully, we are not alone in this adventure and I am excited to see that so many people still believe in our vision and want to help us make it real, despite the problems we have encountered on the way.

I want to thank everyone and @freedom particularly, for having donated the budget we need to keep building our utopia. I am writing this update to let everyone know how glad we are. We will keep our mission alive, as we still fully believe in it and such amazing support just gave us fresh hope.

However, there is a clear need for a change and such changes won't come only for our product but for our organization as a whole. We will go through a full renovation, which will imply changes in our team, processes and more. You will certainly be updated about those.

As for what regards our Indiegogo, we will make sure everyone who lands there will know we have received the necessary support and we will also keep pushing the campaign for the remaining 20 days, independently if we will reach the minimum goal or not. We will use it as an exposure opportunity. Many new Steemians are joining our Discord and subscribing to our mailing list via Indiegogo, and that's what matters at the end, to unite as many folks as possible and let them know the great opportunities offered by Utopian and this blockchain.

I am confident we will go through this, forget about the bad times and realize our mission, to honor the trust this amazing community gave to us.

Thank you

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Don't be too hard on yourself, @elear. From what I could see, the new version of utopian looks amazing. Maybe the business plan needs some fine-tuning. But that's simply part of a learning experience.

Wishing you all the best!


I think it's also a mix of not much activity on Steem in general after the harsh bear market. Hoping things will turn around a bit more soon with some marketing from the possible DAO and btc being back at 6k+.


There is not enough support for a good dao.

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There's still a lot of SP just laying around.


It should be the most important topic on this blockchain.

It also shows that most whales arent here because they believe in decentralization.


I'm just coming across you comment, @acidyo, and I'm wondering if you might clarify what you mean by "the possible DAO"? My guess is, your either referring to the foundation the STEEM Alliance is trying to create, or maybe even the worker proposal blocktrades is principally making. Are either of those what you're talking about, or is there something else going on? This is the second time I've heard of a DAO referenced, but I haven't been able to directly connect it to anything being talked about or put together on STEEM. :)

Congratulations on the budget. I still believe in Utopian's mission and although I'm not sure of the internals anymore of the issues you're facing, I'm just here willing to offer my support in ways within my capacity. Keep strong and just look back to what you're doing this for.

Hi diego, good update I like the transparency that Utopian always has given about what the company is doing and how the status is.
Iam totally convinced that Utopian is the right way to go therefore my full support goes to that cause.
and btw failures and mistakes are an important part of every success.
Just keep on going!

Sad to hear.

"either we would succeed on Indiegogo or we would shut down the project."
I thought this campaign's goal was just to reach a broader audience and not to fund the actual project. It may or may not fail to reach people but I feel like you are judging a great idea/project with the result of this "marketing" campaign, which seems odd to me.

I've read the feedbacks on other posts which were pretty reasonable, As others said this should be just a simple lesson to take and move on. I still believe that Utopian could be a place where open source lovers can gather around and collaborate together even without incentives. So failing on a funding campaign doesn't mean that the project is a failure.

There is one thing I'm concerned about, that is, you are talking about changes on the team. And even I don't believe, I hope at least this time, it's going to be in the right direction. Not the opposite.

Good luck.

I'm glad to see some level of relief through this post compared to the previous one.

I believe the issue is not what Utopian is supposed to achieve, as others seem to be doing well on the same path, but it's a combination of bad luck and mistakes, where for the latter I have my portion of responsibility.

Everybody make mistakes, so you don't have to blame yourself too much. It may seem to you that utopian isn't doing well as other projects on the steem block chain, but the fact is this....""Utopian is the best project on the steem block chain"" as far as I'm concerned. Take it or leave it.

There is always hard times. You've passed through it, so what you've endured in the past is more than what you have to endure to make Utopian colony a reality.

I wish you all the best in all your endeavor.

Stay strong and keep marching forward. The project helps many :) Thank you.

Awesome news!! The weekly meeting will be a much happier one tomorrow :D

Team - I feel the project has potential to be in the main stream and replace the remote work. ie, even beyond the Open Source projects. This project can replace the likes of Upwork and CrossOver in a very decentralized model. I am quite sure that the short term issues will be sorted out.

I don't have much financial power to help, but if there is something like handling your witness server or so where you are spending money, I can pitch in without any financial commitment.

Congrats! It's amazing to see @freedom stepping in here and making this generous donation <3 Don't be to hard on yourself, we're all learning and are all growing up to become awesome Steemians, developers, product owners... Steem is our playground and it looks like something amazing is coming from your part. Cheers!

Utopian is a great project, I really like it, I supported it until I was not selected as translator on DaVinci, today is not possible to be a translator there if you are not "friend of someone", aka corruption.

And doing graphic design was a very acid process, because it was full of insufferable moderators, aka assholes.

Anyway, I still think Utopian is a great idea, and I would love to participate in the future.

Keep up the great work! All the best! :)

Go on your way @elear we will provide support for you and utopian 👍

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Wish you the best! ;)

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don't push too much

This is a great symbol of deduction and focused....wish you all the best

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I heard about the uptopian project and thought it seem interesting. Joined the discord but I could never really figure what the project was about...

I don't know who this @freedom guy or gal or business is, and maybe very few people do, if any, but I've seen him/her/it step up on at least a few occasions to help great projects on the Steem blockchain.

So I think it's a great thing and congrats to Utopian for the funding and here's to regaining your confidence, Utopian IS an awesome project!

Good to hear @elear. Keep up the great work!

Hey, @elear.

I think I should echo some of the sentiment here that things are looking up for you and the organization, and sometimes it takes hard times in order to get to the crux of what's important. You wouldn't be the only organization on the STEEM blockchain to make that discovery in the bear market. :)

That said, as someone who knows of individuals who have some affiliation with Utopian, but one who doesn't really interact directly, I'm still trying to figure out how I could even do that. I'm not a developer, I don't have any ready made ideas (possibly one, maybe), and I've just never been clear on what it is Utopian is doing or trying to accomplish, other than it seems to have something to do with projects and open source.

I'm not suggesting that everyone else is as dense as I am, but maybe I'm not alone, and maybe there's more than just a few of us who don't quite get why Utopian exists or what you're actually contributing to the overall welfare of the blockchain. I'm not saying any of this to criticize, and there's too many people I esteem involved somehow for me to think it's not a much needed and worthwhile endeavor. Therefore, I think is. I just don't know why. :)

Therefore, I'm saying not knowing the why is a possible piece in the puzzle you're looking to reorganize and then draw more attention to.

Utopian is really interesting and different from Gitcoin for example which only give you money for a task. But something is missing...Personally as a developer I'd like to be involved in some software projects (for ex : Tavelfeed) in long term and being rewarded based on the success of the project.

Diego, you and your team have created something wonderful, never be discouraged, there is no reason to leave, but many to continue. Many here we believe in Utopian