Utopian: The Begin of a New, Shared, Meritocratic Economy.

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Utopian. io rewards everyone for contributing to the Open Source world. https://utopian.io

A week ago I published my first Contributor Report for the Utopian project on Utopian.io (https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@elear/utopian-my-contribution-to-the-open-source-world). I was able to add quite few useful features and many more are on the way. Keep reading.


What is Utopian?

Utopian.io is a platform that gives everyone the possibility to create a Contributor Report.
A Contributor Report is a Steemit post that will automatically fall under the category "utopian-io", where you can write the latest contributions you made for an Open Source project, be voted and rewarded for that.
Contributions can be anything, from code development to graphic design, documentation, social engagement and more. The one I am writing now is in fact a Contribution Report for the project Utopian itself.

Open Source?

A project is Open Source when its codebase is public. Most of the times Open Source projects can be found on the very famous Github platform. Everyone can contribute to Open Source projects, by programming or with any other useful contribution for the project to grow. Steem blockchain, Steemit and all the technology behind it is in fact Open Source. https://github.com/steemit

The Begin of a New, Shared, Meritocratic Economy

Utopian is the first and only platform that rewards Open Source contributors. The first Contributor Report got almost $250,00 in reward and this is just the begin.

Utopian provides a way for anyone to be rewarded for collaborating on projects from which everyone will benefit immediately.

Imagine a World where you do your best, propose your work to a community which members are more than happy to reward you, MERITOCRATICALLY, since they are also being rewarded for curating the best contribution reports. Well you don't have to imagine it, it exists, it is Utopian.io.

Utopian Wants Early Adopters

There is only one Contributor Report at the moment in Utopian and the one I am writing now would be the second one. If you are interested in writing your own Contributor Report get in touch with me. I am investing my time and my money to help early adopters write their first contribution reports.

Utopian is Free and Open Source

Utopian is totally free and Open Source. https://github.com/utopian-io/utopian.io
Utopian is going to provide a registration process that does not require an entire week (as it is happening on Steemit), since it's very bad for mass adoption. The downside is that registering new users on the Steem blockchain has a cost of 6 STEEM at the moment. Utopian has no budget for such a cost to be covered, so please:

If you believe in the project send a donation to the official Utopian account https://steemit.com/@utopian-io

My Latest Contributions

Lets go back to the new features I have added since the last week.

- HTTPS for maximum safety

The entire Utopian website is now using the https protocol. You can only use the secure https protocol. Authentication is also happening under https protocol. Your Steemit credentials are totally safe when used on Utopian.io.

- Create Contributions by browsing Github Repositories

When creating a new Contributor Report you can now link the Github repository you are contributing to.


- Browse Contributions by Github Repository

Utopian.io is now completely integrated with Github. Every Open Source project/repository available on Github is now also available on Utopian.io. You can now browse/filter the contributions by Github project.


- Help Section

A new help section to answer the most common questions. https://utopian.io/help


Next Features - Top Priorities

  • Immediate account registration without the long waiting period of the Steemit registration process.
  • Split contributor reports in different categories: Ideas - Code contributions - Documentation - Graphic Contributions - Social contributions - Other.
  • Better Github integration by providing a way to directly link pull requests - branches - forks etc. in the Contributor Report.
  • A way to fund Ideas/Feature requests and to split funds between contributors meritocratically.
  • Landing page - new wording - explanatory/emotional video.

Utopian Needs Your Ideas

Rome wasn't built in a day. I need your ideas and I need your active contribution to make this Utopia....a reality!

Utopian Needs Your Help

Utopian is having lots of good feedbacks, still is a project with no budget and still totally free. Please vote, resteem, spread the word, give feedback and if you can consider a small donation to the official Utopian account https://steemit.com/@utopian-io

Who am I?

11 years Senior Software Architect - Javascript Full Stack Developer, focused on ES6, React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, and DevOps.

Follow me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@elear
Follow me on Utopian: http://utopian.io/@elear
Add me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/puccidiego/

Your Help is IMPORTANT!

Utopian is Free and Open Source. Utopian needs to cover server and marketing costs to run the project. Please resteem, vote, give feedback and if you can:

Send a donation to the official Utopian account https://steemit.com/@utopian-io

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awesome!!! That's a great idea @Elear! I think you should make a hacker news post about it.


Thank you @itchykitten! Here a video showing how Utopian works if you want to know a little bit more about the mission and the features: https://dtube.video/#!/v/elear/18wkyxfc

Very impressive improvements. I have been working on some open source code called Steem Mentions. https://github.com/codewithcheese/steem-mentions. It pulls data from the blockchain and then analyzes the most popular URL's websites and social media account. I plan on post the results from my analysis this week. Perhaps I should do a contributer post?


@codewithcheese ABSOLUTELY! Please add me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/puccidiego/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/diegopucci.it or Skype: pucci_diego. We can write your first contributor report together so I can show you how it works and I will also help you to get some exposure.


Hi may i please ask, is v2connect already available to use? Been wanting it to continue an app and have been on the list of waiters but it appears you have it implemented. Would i need to talk to the busy team to make requests?


You have to create an app in v2.steemconnect.com/dashboard. It costs 6 steem, the cost for the creation of an account in the blockchain

Hi @elear, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord


Utopian.io needs special browser extention for binding all someone's GitHub account activity to coresponding Steem account. Is an issue on Github being reviewed as contribution?


Hello @everythink for sure a good idea. For now Utopian requires the contributor to share the contributions on Utopian manually. While the integration with Github is important, Utopian does not want to reward only code contributions, but any kind of contribution to an Open Source project. That's the reason why there is no strict integration with Github, but Github is used and will be used as one of tools of the Utopian platform.


It would be cool if there is an ability to create special feature requests or tasks for devolopers funded with SBD by potential users. Devolopers could preoritize their efforts with accordance to which feature is the most wanted in terms of money or in terms of users number (or Steem Power).


@everythink that's exactly one of the next steps. On Utopian also ideas are considered to be contributions. There will be soon a way to write ideas/feature-requests. The idea owner will be rewarded by the standard vote system. Contributors of the idea will be rewarded by the standard voting system + SBD funds. For now the priority is to allow easy registration to the platform, just after that this feature will be on top of the priorities.

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)


Thanks @insiders. That's much appreciated!

It will going to rock .......

I want to develop some apps for steemit but have very less knowledge of coding, I think utopian community will help me.


Thank you so much @vikasjaat. You are more than welcome. If you need any help just get in touch!


Thanks @elear

For your kind words...

Yeah I have lots of questions to ask. 😂😂😂 I will definitely ask you...

@elear This is a great concept and it will surely help all the active and hardworking steemians here! I will be excited to read more information that you will be posting everytime. Thanks a lot!


@keensleigh my pleasure!

Re-steeming this as well as the early adopter award post. I have followed as well. I wish you well with this wonderful project.


Thank you!!

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AMAZING thank you @chrisaiki !


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