Connection lost warning sometimes doesn't turn up and there is no timeout for add wallet process

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Expected behavior

After I installed Vessel on my mac, I selected "import a account" and input my steemit username and active key. I leave the default node as If the node is offline, it should popup a message saying the connection to server has lost. Otherwise, after I click "Add to Wallet" and if the server is not reachable, it should have some timeout message to saying connection lost.

Actual behavior

I downloaded vessel for the first time and opened it as normal. After I fill in all the information, the connection lost message doesn't popup. So I clicked "Add to Wallet" and the spinning sign come up on the screen. I waited for 2 to 3 mins, it doesn't go through to the next step. After I close and restarted a couple of times, it started to show the error message. Then I change the RPC Node to another recommended one, I can successfully import my wallet fairly quickly.

How to reproduce

I am on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1, Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2016). I have downloaded the latest version of vessel from this link. Probably you need to manually cut your internet connection or take down a node and see if the connection lost message will pop up.

Recording Of The Bug


Then the spinning sign will turn up and won't go away unless I close Vessel manually.


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Your repository is wrong, the correct one is And I guess this issue has already been reported in

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