The spinning sign of uploading image doesn't disappear after the first image is uploaded

3년 전

Expected behavior

When I upload the first image by clicking "Select image or paste it from the clipboard", the spinning sign should go away after the image is uploaded and the markdown is inserted into the editor. Then the text should change back to "Select image or paste it from the clipboard.". User should be able to click the text again and upload another image.

Actual behavior

After the first image is uploaded, the spinning sign is still there and the text is "Uploading your image..." You can still click on the text to upload another image, but it's not user friendly.

How to reproduce

I am on MacOS 10.13.1, Google Chrome. If you start a new bug hunting and upload your first image into the editor. It will happen.

Recording Of The Bug

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it is a duplicate. It is very similar to a contribution that was already accepted here.

You can contact us on Discord.


@hsynterkr That's fine, since someone has pointed it out before me :) But as a side note, it would be great if utopian-io can give a little bit hint on potential duplication before hand. has a similar function.