- The resteem service analyzer

2년 전 - The resteem service analyzer is a new project of myself and it will provide users useful information about resteem services.


About the project

Many users on steemit are using resteem services (I have my own one: @glitterbot). I was asking myself if the service brings any real value to the user, so I created the project to get some insights about what really happens. There are so many ppl sending around messages like "Send 1 SBD and get 45+ upvotes", most likely this will never happen. Because it of course also depends on the post quality on it's own.

Currently the user is able to:

  • search for steemit account to get information about
  • see information like:
    • Average upvotes of followers
    • SBD value of followers (sum) for each post
    • See number of followers who upvoted a post
    • Resteem post count
    • The percentage of upvotes comming from resteem service account

Technologies Used


  • Filter list of resteemed posts for author
  • Sort list of resteemed posts by author, upvotes, income, percentage
  • Display total post payout value
  • Display price of resteem service (based on account messages)


You can find the working project here:


I'd like to hear some feedback about the project or any wished regarding insights. :)

How To Contribute

Do you want to contribute to this project? Great. You can contact me through my Github profile page or send a pull request.

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Love it. The app looks very polished. The code also :)

react-easy-state is interesting. How does it compare to Redux? Have you worked with both?


Thanks for your kind words. I'm still in figuring out how to organize it best. The difference to redux is that you can use plain functions, and you don't need to return plain objects with type etc. It's also quite new for me, was discovering it months ago but never had the time to test it. It uses the proxy api to be reactive. Will give you some report if I have more experience with it. :)


Yes, I saw that it is based on the new proxy api. That is why IE is not supported (but who cares anyway :)).

When I looked at your code the state management looked so much cleaner than in my SteemDesk code. Redux really works great, but I have the feeling that the boilerplate is slowing me down. Have you tried something like Rematch?


Thanks for remiding me of rematch, I guess I have somehwere a bookmark but couldn't find it anymore. For me the rematch api looks way better then traditional redux or even the react-easy-state. I guess for my next project I will use rematch. :)

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thank you so much for sharing this great information.


You're welcome. I'll continue working on new things/features. :)

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There is NaN for an article in page:

Great job btw!


Hey adasq,

thanks, I also already noticed this. But it's an easy divison. 0 / 0 = NaN. I'll change this propably tomorrow. :)


It's fixed now and published. Thanks again for catching and reporting this. :)


Thanks for your idea, I'll check it in the evening again and will come back to you. :)


You're welcome sir, and thanks to for reply my comment.

Nice job, I've been wondering if re-steem bots are worth it.

Thanks for the contribution. It has been approved.

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Thank you very much for the approval. :)

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good news, hope more useful news

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this is cool, it helps to know the influence of resteem on a post.
keep the good works up

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