Learning Blockchain with EOS and C++ - A Brief Introduction to C++ - 10 The Name Constructor

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What Will I Learn?

You will learn what the name constructor is and does in the context of EOSIO smart contract development.


A C++ compiler
Access to the EOSIO github repo linked in this post

Required Knowledge

Some basic knowledge of programming
Some understanding of C++ (see previous videos in the course for this)
A fair understanding of development and Imperative or Object Oriented Programming

Resources for EOSIO and this Project:

EOSIO Block.One Developer Documentation: https://developers.eos.io/
EOSIO Community Documentation: https://www.eosdocs.io/
EOSIO repository: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos


EOSIO Logo: https://eos.io/




Outline and Overview

In this video we deep dive on the behavior of the name constructor used extensively in EOSIO smart contract development. This constructor is used to convert a uint64_t to an eosio name type which can be used in various eosio supported methods, to include eosio::print, but what does that really mean for you as a developer?

Video Tutorial


A Brief Introduction to C++
A Brief Introduction to Blockchain
Smart Contract Development with EOSIO
The EOSIO dApp ecosystem

Proof of Work Done


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You seem very knowledgable, but I am afraid learners are not able to benefit from your knowledge due to your lesson format. You jump from topic to topic and reference external functions and practices with little context or explanation.

We must find a means to have learners benefit from your knowledge and experience. Allow me to make some suggestions:

  1. Make a rough outline of the concepts you plan to cover in multiple lessons - no more than 4 per lesson.
  2. For each lesson make an outline of the points you wish to make for each of the 4 substantial topics.
  3. For each of these points, itemize anecdote and examples which clearly and systematically clarifies the point you are making.
  4. Do a dry run of your lesson and make alterations to your list if you find you are not clarifying anything.
  5. DO NOT deviate from this list.

As a clerical point, you must state your Utopian account name at the beginning of your video as part of your proof-of-work.

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Yeah, I've actually gotten similar feedback before on the previous video. The problem is I've recorded nearly the entire course up front, so I can't change anything at this point. I will definitely keep this in mind for future courses though.

As a clerical point, you must state your Utopian account name at the beginning of your video as part of your proof-of-work.

Similar to the above comment, a large chunk of the videos have already been recorded, so I won't be able to do this going forward.


Thanks for the response @five34a4b. You are obviously quite knowledgable in this area and you have much to offer learners. Tutorials in this format are almost not worth your while posting when compared to what you could produce. Consider rerecording this course. The content will be of great benefit to learners, where as I am quite sure very few will be able to use the current format. With respect to rewards for your work, the Utopian upvotes would be substantially higher with well crafted content. Consider rerecording the next lesson and I would be happy to help you with the formatting.



Tutorials in this format are almost not worth your while posting when compared to what you could produce.

That's interesting because feedback I've gotten from other sources are saying they prefer the less structured format.

However, I understand that utopian has a specific format they're looking for in video tutorials. Because of this, I'm willing to stop posting these to utopian if it is a drain on moderator resources due to the format.

@five34a4b there is no video in this contribution. Please edit the post to include the video then I will review it. Thanks, Bucky


Doh! How could I!? sorry about that! it's been added. Thanks!


hehe no worries. I will review your post in the morning.

Hey @five34a4b
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
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