Steem Kit :- A QR based steem Basic operation handler and Byteball Steem Payments Integration : Hack A Thon Entry [Utopian-io]

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What is Steem Kit?

It a beautiful project started with Hack-a-Thon of utopian-io. While the idea was very old but i never started it, This time i had a chance to show this project that how much capable it is to make Steem More Adoptable by real world. While QR is a game changing technology. It is the only thing that is more known to people that can be implemented virtually in real world. Let's say you want to purchase something with steem, Best way is not to disturb anyone just scan a qr over a board and do your operations. You can't scan v2.steemconenct hotlinks but what you can do is scan QR that is further provide v2.steemconnect accessibility. You can embed Steem QR anywhere.


Types of Qr Codes:

This app can create qr code for several operations on steemit.
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  • Create Qr so anyone can scan and transfer STEEM to a particular account:- Useful for Purchasing items in real world with Steem, Accepting donation on a post, etc.

2018-09-22 (19).png

  • Witness Upvote:- Upvote witness with a qr scan.

2018-09-22 (22).png

  • Follow User:- Make users follow any steem user that you like to want with a scan of QR

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  • Delegate Steem Power:- Create Qr to accept delegations of particular amount with a scan.

2018-09-22 (24).png

  • Upvote Post :- Make users upvote any post that you like with a qr scan.

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  • Resteem:- Make users Resteem any post with this qr.

2018-09-22 (26).png

An Amazing Feature [Byteball Payments Integration] With Steem attestation.

  • Send Bytes:- Enter Steem user name attested with byteball and bytes that would like to receive with QR scan.
    2018-09-22 (27).png


Mobile App Integration With QR:


1.) Enter your steem name to get info.

2). Use Qr Scanner.

2018-09-22 (28).png



  • Making QR images more looks like Steem, Making it a part of Steem with Steem Logo.
  • Adding more wallet features
    • Manually transfer
    • Account transfer History
  • Showing more details of account.
  • Developing database with Custom_JSON
  • Redesigning the mobile app with a classy Look
  • Porting it to quasar (Still to Plan)
    and more to be imagine and done by steem.


How to use:-

I am not publishing app untill it becomes more amazing.
Till then go to and create qr and then go here and download apk-debug.apk :- install it and use. Let me know if any problem occur.


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Interesting concept.

I will be following its development. I am particulary interested in witness-approve QR code. :)

You can't scan v2.steemconenct hotlinks

A small note, subdomain is deprecated. it's just, now.


Thank you helping me with this, i will fix it with new domain.

I can't wait to be able to buy groceries with Steem and Gbyte haha!!! Why are QR codes so underrated? This should definitely set it off in the crypto world.


Sure, i will try to make it come true :)

I love this.
Anything to make it easy for anybody with a mobile to interact with Steem is a plus.
Great work!


Thank you!

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