Introducing How to login the web steepshot and its working steps

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Steepshot is an open source web application for which can be used to share lifestyle and walk on Steem blockchain.

Is steemian getting bored with the number of blog posts on Steemit? A picture worth a thousand words is an idiom that can illustrate the habits of social media that steemian have?


Steepshot web app is a client of Steem, this steepshot app is created using JavaScript and React, focusing on short-form images and videos (this feature is for the long haul). This app runs on Steem.JS and is entirely an open source app, please check it on Github


How to login in steepshot app?

  • Log in using steam account
  • Inserting post key

posting key.png

posting show key.jpg


How to do explorations (roaming)

  • Press the Feeds button to explore the accounts that follow
  • Browse the photo, open the popup
  • Press the "I Like" Button & comment please
  • Please press the left / right button on the keyboard to display the previous / next photo of the feed

How to Make a Post

  • Click on the "create post"
  • Write Post Title
  • Add tags by typing and separating them with spaces
  • Now steepshot can add description on photo (optional)
  • Click the '' Create New Post "button at the bottom

creat 1.jpg

creat 2.jpg

creat 3.jpg

The technology behind Steepshot

  • The transaction and signature series are processed securely on the client side
  • Can search specifically for any data in Steem, synchronize blockchain to real-time local databases (MongoDB + Data Scraper + Local Steem nodes)
  • Use the hybrid storage architecture: Cloud Storage + IPFS
  • Steepshot always works with performance to maintain data access speed (Steepshot Client uses back-end software)

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