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This is my Contribution for @rishi556 Votefund is an app and site based on steem to help users crowdfund. Votefund is a new site that is built on the steem blockchain. It will be used for people who want to run crowdfunds on the blockchain. Only posts approved by moderators will appear on the site. There are already crowdfunding projects on the steem blockchain and having a dedicated site to organize them will help them get more attention. All approved content posted through the site will also be upvoted by the @votefund account to support the projects. The benefits of crowdfunding through votefund are low fees(votefund will take only a small(still undecided) percentage of post rewards to keep ourselves going), its free for others to support your fund as they just need to vote, which means that anyone can help support funds that they like.

Benefits / Improvements

For illustrating this logo, I put V for the base and by using several ellipses and combining them together I showed that it is constantly in changing and evolution.
And I put F at the bottom because it is the representative in which showed that fund is the base of the work and the feature of my work is its simplicity and elegance, I used light and semi-light spectrum for coloring because this makes it more beautiful, I hope you like it.


Adobe Illustrator for making the logo

PC with OS Windows 10

Proof of work



All edits, Logo Mark, sizes, and other files are Here. You can download it

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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