Introducing Steemia Pay - STEEM Payment App

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What is Steemia Pay?

Steemia Pay is a simple but convenient mobile application that allow users to receive and send money (in Steem and Steem Dollars) with instant values in their local currency.

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Current Features

At this early stage, Steemia Pay counts with the following features:

  • Transfer
  • Pay With QR
  • Get Payment With QR
  • Send money and make payment with instant values of local currency.

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How does it work?

  • You can easily transfer STEEM and SBD to any Steem wallet using Steemia Pay. Transfers are secured via SteemConnect, so you can safely use Steemia Pay.
  • Steemia Pay's best advantage is that you can easily start accepting payments with Cryptocurrency. Right now Steemia Pay, which allows STEEM and SDB transfers, will add more CryptoCurrency in the future. You can create QR Code with only a few clicks and start getting payments with QR.
  • Another nice advantage of getting paid with Steemia Pay is that you can get paid in 14 different local currencies. When you want to receive payment in local currencies, Steemia Pay will refer to the instant rates via and set the amount of the STEEM & SBD to be transferred.

What is behind Steemia Pay?

Steemia Pay is developed with the same technology behind Steemia:

  • Ionic 3 - UI framework
  • SteemConnect - Authentication
  • ngx-qrcode QR Code Generator

What is next for Steemia Pay?

The following features will be developed in the future to Steemia Pay:

  • Find Places that accept Cryptocurrency with Google Maps
  • Cryptocurrency Address Tracker


If you would like to contribute to Steemia Pay project, feel free to fork Steemia Pay repo and send a pull request.

GitHub Account


To test it, you can run Steemia Pay on your computer and your phone and test it by creating a QR Code in computer and scan it with your phone. You can download Android version of Steemia Pay here

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Thank you for your contribution. Adding all the commits in a single contribution is not a good practice and also it will be good if you can give some meaningful commit messages. It would be nice if you can explain the user about the securities, since you have said it will be using SteemConnect, how secure is your App.

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Normally I would not push them with a single commit but this was a new project and I did not set a git repo initially, so I could not do that, but I will update the Readme file and add more information today. Thank you for feedback :)


Hey @codingdefined
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This is awesome to have this system in steemia. Btw, why this is not blue. :)


because I care about style :) .. good job steemia ..


Obviously I'm not a frontend developer so I can't do great things about UI but I'll try to fix that button's color 😀 thank you @podanrj


yes, it should be fixed 😃 😄

Need for escrow feature.


It would be nice. I will consider 👍

Nice, thank for information
Good job

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