Gluttony sins: The gripping case of @moncia90 - "The ambassador"




Well back after my last post, numerous questions emerged about the responsibilities of a mentor / project manager.
You will certainly remember the case in question, in which the user @moncia90 took advantage of the contests created on the platform. Going forward with the exploration, I went back to other unpleasant events. That certainly do not suit a user who covers so many roles, within the various international communities. Such as partiko's mentor, and Actifit.

Just as emerged previously the user @moncia90 was at the same time, trying to defraud more users within their contest.

We have therefore seen how to tag an inactive user within a contest can actually benefit the scammer, increasing his chances of winning.

But if more than one account of the same user has participated in the same contest? The same one that previously abused inactive users? The same mentor as @partiko @fundition and @actifit? What would you think?(Obviously these groups did not know his bad intentions)


The importance of holding roles

As you have noticed from this first screen sequence the accounts of @moncia90 and @ken01 are strongly connected to each other.
As a first point, we have a considerable exchange of messages between the two accounts.
As you can see, in fact, the two accounts meet from day one, and just about the PARTIKO LOTTERY contest organized by @moncia90.

The continuous exchange of votes continues also on the question @tasteem.
We therefore note how the user has taken advantage of his position as a mentor and organizer, to then obtain the reward of the contest.

The @ken01 account also followed in full style @moncia90 the abuse against the contest.

The beautiful @diogosantos's contest ruined by bad intention


As you may have noticed by then, the same person is hidden behind the account @moncia90 and @ken01.
We note therefore that the user has firstly abused the contests that he himself organized, being able to take advantage of his role as mentor.
Second, how he tried to insert his fraudulent account within the same circle of abuses committed.

@moncia90 exploited the good will of @abh12345 and @paulag

Mistakes to avoid and how to do

I would like to say a few more words about this case.

Is it possible to have multiple accounts on Steemit? "Of course it's possible!"

If the contents we are dealing with are always original and in the name of transparency and quotation of sources, we can have multiple accounts. (Obviously you don't have to do account farming)
On Steemit there are users who have more things to say about different topics and have created more accounts in which they write about this or that topic.
They have been active for a long time and produce original and interesting material for the entire Steemit community.
Unfortunately there are unscrupulous users who have created a second or third account to bring economic advantages to themselves, and to the detriment of honest users who work for hours to create original content, as in the case previously seen.
How can an account be used illegally? Simple.

Participate in a contest, organized on Steemit and self-voting, and even win it.

Poor honest users! They will have wasted time and resources in vain because the scoundrel on duty has already optioned his contest with his votes.

The creators contents organize these contests for different reasons. They are centered on the participation of many users on Steemit, to stimulate and encourage all regular and honest users with rewards.
That of the contests is a very solid network whose credibility is sometimes questioned. By a few clever and dishonest, who try with tricks and subterfuges to profit from it.

Try to think if a user who believes he is smart and uses his own account to drive himself, he creates a contest in which he wins big! Impossible to think, it can't be true!

Take a look here!

Lead to the same Referral link or am I wrong? @moncia90 @ken01

We can say that with regard to these dishonest self-voting operations and illegal winnings. the content creators of every country in the world are not happy at all.

These wily men undermine the credibility of the whole system, both in the contests and in the contents of all the Steemians.
Think about it, with serenity, but also with possible projections on a peaceful future of Steemit.
The rules are there, even for multi accounts, but there is someone who does not respect them!

Now let's talk about a fundamental aspect, on which a good part of the communities of the Steemit world is supported.

Users, experts and professionals who occupy prominent positions within the thousands of communities on Steemit.

There are dozens of different roles in each community, these users (Angels, ambassadors, project managers, mentors, curators etc. etc.) are very precise references and recognized by thousands of other users.
They are an example to follow, for all new users, but also for the more experienced.
In the roles they occupy they distribute knowledge, knowledge, help others with ethical and moral values, very far from simple profit or economic advantage.
Often a user who plays a fundamental role within the community spends hours to solve or report problems, to share experiences, techniques and help suggestions for all users, all over the world and not only in the single community of a nation.
All this time spent analyzing, guiding others, sharing and solving the problems of others is often not paid, it is part of the ethics of the community, but it acquires prestige and importance.

A leading user is often represented as an ambassador in other communities of different languages ​​and cultures.
A very important role that brings into play the credibility of one's own nation or group.
Fairness and honesty are VALUES that should distinguish an important role, a representation or a teacher.
The ethics of correct behavior, as well as the original contents, on Steemit is one of the elements on which our social network is based.


Unfortunately, when these premises come down with a leader, entering into personal profit, the scenario changes, the credibility of the roles and the platform becomes dirty.
A healthy community, which forms a leader for months, years, has different gratifications in image, in popularity, in appreciation, even economic, and above all in credibility, high compared to the international average.
Imagine when the opposite happens.

A leader who occupies prestigious roles, is discovered with his hands in the jam!
A disaster for the community!

A fall in the image towards other solid and strong groups, towards other users who had entrusted their initiatives with confidence.
Also think of all the training that a community dedicates to creating a reference figure for it. They are investments that the whole community makes available to the individual, to train him professionally, raising him to the rank of spokesman or ambassador of the community.

This is @ilgiaguaro,
Reporting directly from the Jungle.

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Greetings @ilgiaguaro!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to expose the dishonest practice. It is also unfortunate that the perpetrator held considerable responsibilities within their communities. Alas, there needs to be consequences to these actions and I see their colleagues have made theirs.

When we talk about scams, we tend to think about Bitconnect or even @magicdice. If things were to last for the long-term, we need to have less scenarios where people find their hands "in the jam". Many people believe that scams plague the crypto space, this reinforces the stereotype.

I had discussions about this type of behavior with @jaguar.force. There is no easy solution outside of KYC to minimize such shady practices. But KYC opposes decentralization. So, what can these communities do?

Organizers would need to conduct periodic reviews to see if someone is gaming the system. Of which, requires time and resources to accomplish. Now, it is easy to say that they should have these checkpoints in place, but who is enforcing it? Furthermore, what are the incentives for them to invest in extra countermeasures?

Well, that would be topic for another day.

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It's a pleasure to meet you @enforcer48!
They should have a team of jaguars!!!
Can we call this case Bitconnect 2.0!?!
Thank you very much for your review and the time spent analyzing it.


Thank you for your review, @enforcer48! Keep up the good work!

@ilgiaguaro I don't want to say anything about this story. I invite you and all the gentlemen here to understand that italian community is strong and rich of good authors and contents. We have great heart and passion. Don't judge the entire community because one member made some mistakes.


This is certain, we don't rely on the bad habits of the individual to judge the community.


100% this. There are people that really try to emerge through great contents, both for the Italian and the international community. Don't let the action of the single prevail over the community sense.
Thanks for your report, hope you'll manage to go after the big ones too, even if every mistake is a mistake indeed.


Hello @bafi, thank you very much for your feedback.
As already said, we don't let ourselves be influenced by the events of the single ones.
We are certain that the Italian community is fantastic, no one has questioned this.
As for the big names, we fight every day with the help of SFR and SC.

I am sorry for my mistakes. This time I can not say anything.


I will be nice and not zero out this comment.


Thank you for your comment Moncia... you know i supported you in the passt and i have never expected this to happen especially when i know you are a good content creator and we are in the same team at Fundition.

There are no rules on blockchain, everybody can create as many accounts as they pleased or write whatever they want but if it comes to the contest, we must be fair to another person too and in this case, the morality rule should be above the decentralization rule.

Sadly you closed many doors on your own self because of this actions and they are many platforms involved, including Tasteem. Those accounts have been upvoted your Tasteem posts too and because of this reason, we can’t give you the access to Tasteem contest anymore.
Please start all over again and learn from your mistakes...everything can be forgiven.


Hello @siamcat,
thank you for your message. I am happy to know that I have left something to Steem and to some Steemians too, but this is another misunderstanding like the other post.
However this time I am really tired and I do not have enough power to continue the fight: I think that there will not be a time to forgive because the game is over.
Steem on!

Posted using Partiko Android


There's nothing like tired to fight if you have a good point and a reasonable reason to fight on. With the points above and your response, you've really fucked up big time. Anyways,things like this are bound to happen. You have the chance and blew it away. Now where is your credibility on the Steem block chain? Not happy about this because you are a colleague but, the deed has been done. Thumbs up @ilgiaguaro for the wonderful work. More power to your elbow.


is very wily at being a victim...
Thank you very much for your feedback

Thank you @ligiaguaro for your thorough report as @moncia90 is one of our mentors in the mentoring program.


Hi @rosatravels, thank you for reading and for your feedback!

Thank you for your help in identifying abuse.
You've been accordingly rewarded 100 AFIT tokens, as well as an Actifit upvote.
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This is terrible, good detective work @ilgiaguaro I've removed the users above from our server.


Thank you very much for your feedback, if you have problems don't hesitate to ask


No problem!

Thank you @ilgiaguraro for this detail thorough report. @moncia90 is one of our mentors in the @Partiko and @Actifit mentoring program for Steem. The founders and @mcfarhat need to be alerted of this situation. Thank you again.


hi @beamentor, yes i have contact @mcfarhat in DM.
Thank you very much for your feedback!

Thank you for your effort @ilgiaguaro , i can see that you have invested a lot of time in this analysis.


Thank you very much for your feedback!
I really appreciate the efforts you make for steem community!

Dear @ilgiaguaro
Ti scrivo in italiano, non mi interessa granché che gli altri attori chiamati in causa mi capiscano (o comunque possono usare google translate), ma tanto tu lo capisci sicuramente, ho anche una mezza idea su chi sia il tuo account principale! ma non voglio parlare di questo.
Prima di tutto vorrei ringraziarti per il tuo lavoro, deve essere snervante passare ore ed ore davanti al monitor per cercare tanti piccoli indizi che vanno a fornire una prova, che poi sia vera, presunta, finta o tutto il resto non importa, dopotutto la folla con i forconi è un buon giudice, giuria e boia, la storia ce lo insegna.
Trovare chi abusa della reward poll è una cosa giustissima, ora che il Matteo Messina Denaro di Steemit è stato sconfitto mi aspetto il tuo ruggito anche verso altri abuser, che sicuramente ti porteranno via meno tempo, basta guardare la lista trending, ci sono post di 70/90 dollari che sono dei plagi clamorosi, basta aprire la pagina di wikipedia per capire che hanno cambiato due frasi, per non essere segnalati dal bot anti-plagio, non vedo l'ora di leggere un nuovo report dalla giungla dove chi si "ruba" migliaia e migliaia di dollari dalla reward poll e ci ha fatto decine di migliaia di SP viene smascherato! Ce ne sono davvero tanti, non ve li segnalo io (il giorno del primo post c'era uno scientifico da 90 dollari che era 15 righe di wikipedia, senza fonti o attribuzioni delle foto in trending, 3° post) semplicemente perché a me non pagano nulla per caso risolto.


@deusjudo, @jaguar-force works on demand ... do you think there is an abuse? just contact them and ask to open an investigation!il jaguaro lavora su richiesta... credi che ci sia un abuso? ti basta contattarli e chiedere di aprire un indagine!


si però il voto da 40 dollari va a loro e non a me... io mi faccio i fatti miei e siamo tutti più contenti xD

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Coming soon on ilgiaguaro: Moncia90 put his finger on his nose


I like your style!
But in this case, I believe you haven't understood the gravity of the facts

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