[Steemia] - Localization & Internationalization, filtering by tags, and more changes

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Repository and Pull Requests


About Steemia

Steemia is a social network app running over the Steem Blockchain. This app will provide the users an enriched user experience plus features commonly encountered in a casually used social media. The goal of this project is to give the community a mobile app where they can do their daily activity in the blockchain.

Features added

  • Localization & Internationalization (and autodetection of language)
    All the strings (texts) in the Steemia application were replaced for the equivalent in the JSON file (translation file). Now, instead of having static texts, they are assigned dynamically depending on the language of the device. For instance, if you have your cell phone in Spanish, the app will be loaded in Spanish by default. If your language is not available, English will be used since it is the default language. (Note that only English was implemented at the moment. More languages will be available in next updates)

  • Filtering By Tags
    Sometimes we do want to see content in a specific tag instead of all of them. Sadly, it was not possible before in Steemia app. Now, users are able to select the tag that they want and see specific content:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.47.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.48.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.48.33 AM.png

  • Automatically Select Tab
    Before, the default tab was the Feed tab. However, it is a really bad experience for a non-logged-in user to load the app and see the annoying message saying that needs to log in instead of seeing content. Now, if the user is not logged in, Trending tab will be loaded. Otherwise, Feed tab will be loaded.

Visual changes

  • Login Page
    Before, login page was too crowd and to be honest, ugly. So, we have decided to make this page simpler and easier to look. Here is the result:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.52.23 AM.png

  • Improvements on cards
    Border from cards were removed allowing a clear visual experience of them. In addition, badged were removed from username and reputation since it was too crowd and uneven for the design of the application.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.53.59 AM.png

  • Menu info
    In the drawer menu we used to have a Steem photo as profile photo, a text saying Steemia and a non-real email. These were removed. Now, we have more relevant information:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.56.01 AM.png

Misc changes

  • Shared controller
    This can be a simple but efficient page. In order to reply a comment, we have to dispatch a boolean statement through the app since the reply comment page only emit a signal to the parent component. The parent component is in charge of dispatch the actual reply in order to refresh the tree in a correct way. Even we have Ionic events library available, this is not enough since it only get triggered once in the lifecycle. Ionic events cannot be subscribed during the whole lifecycle but only once. Our solution was to created a subscribable subject behavior which is subscribed at the comment page and the next state is emitted at the reply page.

In addition, since we have 3 sections of the tabs controlled by the tags selector in separated page, we needed a solution to control them all at once. All three tabs (New, Hot, Trending) are subscribe to the current tag subject behavior so a single page can control them all with a single click.

On Next

  • iOS Release
  • Push Notifications
  • Chat Implementation

How to contribute?

Fork the Steemia Repository and send us a pull request with your changes.


Feel free to download Steemia on Google Play and soon on the App Store :D


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Thanks for the contribution!

A very clear and informative overview of the features you added, keep up the amazing work!

I think I read something about your plans to implement a chat before, but what exactly are you going to do with that and how? Also, if you need someone to translate everything to Dutch just let me know!

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Thanks for your feedback :D

Regarding the chat, maybe we will join forces with Steem Messenger (the one by kingswisdom) or we wiol develop our own off-chain version using a unique identifier to login (think about Whatsapp that uses unique device id as password)

Wow. This is what I've been looking for. The steemia application is getting better by the day


:D glad that it is what you want :D update will be released soon


Alright. There is the issue of not being able to direct reply a comment. Don't know if you noticed it


I am replying from the app :D so expect this in the next update :D

🚀Send you a rocket to speed up your development !
Still looking forward to the IOS version .


Hehehe we want to get the features people want before releasing the iOS release so iOS users can expect all the desired features since day 0.

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This looks one great app. Thank you for making steemit much easier. Good work!

Hi @jaysermendez, why does my steemia-app does`nt work since friday? Is it my fault? But I changed nothing on it.


Hey @koenau,

What behavior are you facing?