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Block Explorer

This work is the response to a task proposed by the EFTG project of the European Commision, whose purpose is the creation of a Block Explorer for a private chain. The task proposed to use the code of steemdb developed by @jesta which is open source. That explorer creates a copy of the blockchain and stores it using mongodb. For this reason, it is server-side, all the magic happens in the server.

After some research and analysis, I figured out that there is no block explorer for client-side, that is, one that runs on the client and query directly to the seed nodes using the API, without the need to download the whole blockchain. The intention of the current work is closing this issue, and at the same time providing a light-weight block explorer which is easily installed on private blockchains.


The explorer has the traditional features to consult the state of the blockchain and some extra features:

  • Homepage. The homepage contains links to last blocks and useful information of the global state of the blockchain, like steem supply, reward pool, vesting fund, and steem per million vests, among others.

    • Extras: Blocks and schedule of witnesses in real time, current inflation, new steem per day, the percentage of stake and SBD.


  • Account page. This page (example utopian-io) shows general information of a specific user, the authorities, witness info if it is the case, and the transaction history. Like steemd does, the transaction history is divided into groups of 250 transactions and there are links to jump to other pages.

  • Post page. This page (example this one) shows general information of a specific post: payout, body, votes, and some useful info. The votes include vote value, and curation, like steemblockexplorer does.

    • Extras: Detailed info of beneficiaries and their payouts. Payout distribution, including the calculation of the curation remainder that returns to the reward pool.


  • Block page. Consult the transactions of a specific block and its headers.

  • Transaction page. Consult transactions using the id and the block number.


Open the file src/config.js and update the following constants using the constants of private blockchain (it is not necessary to modify them if it is the main steem blockchain).

const SBD = 'SBD'
const STEEM = 'STEEM'
const SP = 'SP'
const VESTS = 'VESTS'
const RPC_NODE = { url: '' }
const HARDFORK = 20
const STEEM_100_PERCENT = 10000
const STEEM_BLOCKS_PER_YEAR = 365*24*60*60/3
const STEEM_BLOCKS_PER_DAY = 24*60*60/3

Install dependencies
npm install

Option 1: Serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

Option 2: Build for production with minification
npm run build

EFTG Block Explorer

This explorer was sucessfully installed on the EFTG blockchain and it is currently working.

Technology Stack

  • vue.js: Steem Explorer Website.
  • steem-js: API to access the blockchain.


The future plans and work with this project include:

  • Design a logo.
  • Page with top 100 witnesses.

How to contribute?

Any type of contribution is very welcome. You can make pull requests to the Github repository, or contact me on Discord (jga#0699), (jga), or steem (@jga).

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Thanks for the contribution, @jga! Very interesting contribution and it looks really great - amazing stuff! I really like the real time updating on the homepage, it is really satisfying to watch for some reason haha.

Some feedback about the code: you should use let and const instead of varand there are some minor inconsistencies that could be prevented by using a linter like ESLint for example. I also think that sometimes the readability of your code would benefit from some added whitespace and comments, but of course this is just my opinion.

Other than that it's really great. I'm already looking forward to your next contribution!

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  ·  작년

Hi @amosbastian, thank you very much for the review and feedback, I appreciate that. I will look the ESLint.


Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 16 contributions. Keep up the good work!

  ·  작년

I was looking for working Steem explorer lately. steemd and steemblockexplorer don't have everything what I need. What I need is to gather tx data without knowing it's block ID. Is this possible via this explorer?

  ·  작년

Hi @mys, very good question.
Depends on the RPC node that you connect to.

When you run a full rpc node there is an option called SKIP_BY_TX_ID. If it is set OFF you can query transactions by id. But not if it's set ON (and the node saves a lot of CPU time).

This steem explorer connects with, which set this option ON. For this reason, I search transactions using the block ID.

It would be good to know if someone has a public node with this option OFF.

Excelente amigo. como siempre con buenas, esto esta genial. ya vi como funciona. Te felicito es un honor conocerlo mi pana.

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