Chinese Simplified Version Translations for Apereo OAE - 548 words III

5년 전

This project needed translation is for all the content on the Open Academic Environment (OAE) Front-End, which is belong to an OAE project :

The Open Academic Environment (OAE) is a powerful new way for students and faculty to create knowledge, collaborate and connect with the world. Apereo OAE targets a large scale and a multi-tenant cloud-compatible deployment model, where a single installation can host multiple institutions at the same time. This presentation provides a very detailed overview of the overall architecture and the different components and technologies. It also talks about the approach used for continuous nightly performance testing and how we are validating the desired (horizontal) scalability.

The translation work linked to this project :
Here is the public link to check my work in Crowdin:

According to the Utopian-io new rules under translation category (at least 500 words), I translated 71 items today, which equals to 548 words.

Contribution/ Proof of work:

In the below figure, it shows the progress bar of such project has reached at 92% from 88% you can check my previous post.

The reports of project shows the total number of words I translated reaches 548 words. Please check the activities in today. Please check from here :


The following plot verifies the work translated by me, it shows my account name same as in steemit.

The contribution I did today includes many characters in each item, I keep the original parameters' English name in the brace.

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